Mugler : Un retour triomphant sur la piste de la Fashion Week Haute couture de Paris

Mugler: A triumphant return to the runway at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

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On Thursday, January 26, 2023, the Mugler house closed Haute Couture week in Paris in style with its collection for fall-winter 2023-2024. The collection presented by artistic director Casey Cadwallader highlighted feminine and powerful silhouettes, in homage to pop culture. This show was a real comeback for the French fashion house founded by Thierry Mugler in 1973.
The cast included famous models, past and present, such as Amber Valletta , Irina Shayk , Eva Herzigová , Mariacarla Boscono , Mona Tougaard , Adut Akech , Anok Yai , Raya Martigny , Debra Shaw , Ziwef , Shalom Harlow , Arca , Dominique Jackson , who helped revive the era of untouchable and strong supermodels. As far as clothes are concerned, the collection highlighted the iconic tight-fitting jumpsuit that structures the body, the oversized white shirt, games of transparency and nods to technology.

Mugler's big return to the podium

For its big return to live shows after the health crisis, Mugler opted for large-scale campaign videos. Instead of physical shows, the artistic director of the French house, Casey Cadwallader, presented pop star clips at a pharaonic cost. During the return to a real show, we had the impression of being behind the scenes of one of these videos. Each model was followed by state-of-the-art cameras that filmed them in real time and projected everything onto a screen, as if the editing had already been done. The 30-minute parade was packed with action at every corner of the catwalk, with no respite. The collection was dominated by black and included sexy pieces, as well as well-structured coats and handbags that set the hearts of Mugler fashion-savvy fans racing. Footage from the finale created incredible buzz on social media, including artist Arca's purse theft. The show was a great success.

During the years of confinement, comfortable pajamas and slippers have seen an increase. Then along came Mugler: the sexy, risque, extravagant, fetish Mugler who became the counterintuitive community phenomenon. Designed by Casey Cadwallader, Mugler's success has taken body awareness to anatomical places fashion has never dared to look before.
Which was the case - in abundance - for Mugler's multimedia show, for everyone Cadwallader threw an extraordinary evening during Paris fashion week. "We present during haute couture week because we're mean. At Mugler, we do whatever we want," he said before the choreographed mayhem began. "We are quite outside the norm in the way we do things," he added. "We've done quite well by being so communicative and trying to entertain the audience. The movies have millions of viewers and the idea is that it's a live show." It's a view-now, buy-now, premium collection.
What happened: A catwalk frenzy that idolized the talents and bodies of models and friends of the house was simultaneously merged with live dolly-captured footage of those models and friends, who were consumed on a huge screen erected at the top of a set of stairs. And everywhere on the internet, of course.

Teams of men on movie dollies slid down tracks filming the screaming cast: Arca, Ziwe, Omayra, Irina, Paloma, Mariacarla, Shalom, Amber, Eva Herzigova. There was a lot of hair swinging. A dance troupe of lace bodies with synchronized handbags occupied some central steps. Then one by one, each Mugler supermodel boarded another dolly, on which they could pose around a pole for the trip home.
This second team had a low-frequency camera that zoomed up the cavity region, deploying a technique that might be called up-skirting.
Cadwallader did a great job defining the Mugler aesthetic for a new generation with their use of denim, sheer panels and bodycon pieces - and this collection was an extension of that. The majority of the clothes were presented in an intense black shade, except for a few white pieces and a red dress worn by Mariacarla Boscono. In place of sheer panels, Cadwallader introduced black lace, leather and technical versions of denim. These are must-haves that are sure to become Mugler's new "It" pieces: denim mini skirts tied at the low waist, bustier lace bodysuits and rugged moto-inspired leather jackets. The trend of underwear as outerwear doesn't seem to be slowing down, if this collection is any indication.
This show was just plain fun - without taking itself too seriously. The guests were clapping, shouting and exclaiming all the time. And when it was over, 90s supers and cool kids took over the stage, inviting the audience to take the stage and party. There aren't many brands that can pull off such a dynamic show while at the same time making a strong statement with the clothes.

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