Fashion Show Paris : Jean Paul Gaultier X Haider Ackermann un défilé de haute couture incroyable

Fashion Show Paris: Jean Paul Gaultier X Haider Ackermann an incredible haute couture fashion show

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The Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show is a highly anticipated event in the fashion industry. This year, the French designer presented a unique collection highlighting colorful and bold pieces that caused a stir on the catwalk.

The collection presented was elegant and refined. It included black evening suits with interwoven silk pleated bibs, followed by even sleeker, more streamlined outfits that gave the impression of a deconstructed white shirt. Each piece was tailor-made with impeccable precision and details such as feathers protruding from the neckline. Black tailcoat, matching leggings and classic stilettos.

This is the first look that sums up this collection made by Haider Ackermann the fashion designer and creative director of his eponymous fashion brand. Born in Colombia and raised in Africa before moving to France, where he began his career in fashion. Her designs are known for their luxurious fabrics, rich colors and bold silhouettes. He has been recognized for his work by several awards, including the ANDAM fashion award in 2011. Haider is the fourth guest designer since Jean Paul Gaultier himself left the profession in 2020.

This collection was the fruit of the work of Haider Ackermann, guest designer for Jean Paul Gaultier's fourth haute couture show. According to Ackermann, this opportunity was a dream come true and he felt honored and moved to be able to work in the field of high fashion.

Haider Ackermann fans were present in large numbers to support the designer during his show at Jean Paul Gaultier. Her fame and influence in fashion was evident through the celebrities who attended the show, including Tilda Swinton , Timothée Chalamet , Daphne Guinness and Catherine Deneuve. His presence is still felt in the fashion industry, through the looks he creates for his friends and his recent collaboration with Fila .

His collection for Gaultier was familiar and reminiscent of the impact Jean Paul Gaultier had on fashion, while showcasing Haider Ackermann's timeless aesthetic. He said he was inspired by Madame Grès and wanted to create a collection with pure lines. For her part, Sophie Fontanel confided on her Instagram account: “When Haider this fall asked me to help him put words to this Haute Couture collection that he imagined for Jean Paul Gaultier, I immediately understood that it was enough to listen to him speak, in fact. To listen to him say that there is also in Jean Paul, in the midst of so much irresistible fantasy, a genius for simplicity. An authority of simplicity. It was from this sobriety that he was going to start, Haider, wanting to achieve through clothes a serenity which, he says, we need so much at this moment. The result ? Saskia in this sublime coat, Saskia showing all that a model can express if we give him this possibility, Jean Paul and his childish smile, mad with kindness, in front of this woman, as in front of all those who passed in front of him this evening an inhabited kiss, that is to say a kiss of habit. Well done Haider! 38 passages and a message: elegance will save us. The background noise is a beating heart. Pleasure to know you, Haider. It means: artists, my dear.”

The collection presented during the show was very different from previous collaborations of Jean Paul Gaultier with Chitose Abe, Glenn Martens and Olivier Rousteing, which highlighted the extravagant and glamorous side of this legendary designer. According to Haider Ackermann, this collection wanted to return to the essence and purity of Gaultier's work by highlighting the precision of the making of his clothes. The collection featured sleek black suits, architectural kimono robes and a spiked silver tracksuit that was Ackermann's favorite. He said this collection showed haute couture's ability to create the ideal version of reality.

Accepting the invitation to create a collection, Haider Ackermann spent time with Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris. The pair discussed personal matters but not fashion, as Gaultier wanted to give Ackermann complete creative freedom. Instead, he let Ackermann work with Gaultier's studio, run by experienced professionals.

Ackermann explained that the purity of the collection was a way of showcasing their work and paying homage to Gaultier. He also pointed out that he particularly appreciates his work because it allows him to spend hours with the seamstresses of the workshop who are very delicate in their work.

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