Schiaparelli : Kylie Jenner et Doja Cat volent la vedette à la Fashion Week de Paris

Schiaparelli: Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat steal the show at Paris Fashion Week

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Schiaparelli's last show for Haute Couture Week in Paris seems to be an unforgettable event!

Strange looks from stars at the Schiaparelli show at Paris Fashion Week caused a stir in the media and social media sites, and comments varied between those who said they were innovative and those who saw them as overdone. and for the show. Indeed, designs adorned with the heads of endangered animals dominated most of Schiaparelli's designs for the coming summer and spring, in an effort to highlight the dangers these animals are exposed to.

International model Kylie Jenner also caused controversy with her look adorned with a huge artificial fur lion's head, and she appeared wearing a simple velvet dress with a tight black design, and it was decorated with a huge lion's head sewn into the front of the dress, designed by Daniel Roseberry .

Models walked the runway in elegant dresses adorned with the heads of animals threatened with extinction due to environmental pollution, in an important message about the need to preserve livestock around the world.

Kylie Jenner and the lion's head at Fashion Week

With a unique look and a strange accessory inspired by the animal world, Kylie Jenner appeared to her fans in stunning style today during the Schiaparelli show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Kylie appeared in a long, bizarre black dress that caught the attention and amazement of everyone present, and the designer of the dress placed a lion's head on her front that looked real to those who wore it. launched at first sight. After stepping in front of the public and camera lenses, comments poured in on Kylie's odd look, with so many accounts taking her photos and sharing them on communication sites including Twitter and Instagram apps. The "Vogue France" account on Instagram shared a video clip of Kylie sitting with Marisa Berenson in front of the public in her lion's head dress, and wrote: "Two icons of their generations in one selfie at Schiaparelli haute couture!. "

Many accounts on Twitter also shared photos of Kylie from her latest show, one of which posted pictures of the lion head dress and wrote, "Kylie Jenner at schiaparelli ss23 show wearing a lion dress like that she first appeared on the podium when she was in the front row."

kylie jenner

The Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture Fashion Week will be held in Paris from Monday January 23 to Thursday January 26, 2023. The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode has unveiled the final program for this week of 29 shows. On Monday January 23, 2023, brought together the following brands: Schiaparelli, Iris Van Herpen , Georges Hobeika , Christian Dior, Rahul Mishra, Maison Rabih Kayrouz , Giambattista Valli .

Doja Cat and a red diamond dress

Doja Cat also appeared during the show with a strange look, as she appeared in a long red dress embroidered with a large number of diamonds, and the red color covered Doja's entire body and face.

Music videos of Doja Cat were released ahead of her exit from the show, as the owner of one of the fan accounts on Twitter wrote, "Doja Cat backstage at the Schiaparelli fashion event in Paris." Clips and photos of Doja spread during her appearance, making audiences grab the camera lens for her eye-catching looks, so one of Doja's fan accounts left a comment under a video that he posted on Twitter and said, "Doja Cat taking photos at the Schiaparelli show in Paris.”

Doja Cat

Following the end of the tour of the most high-profile show of Paris Fashion Week, Doja, having finished her passage in front of the public, sat down with her colleague Kylie Jenner to exchange after having inflamed the communication sites by their unique and distinctive looks in the fashion capital of Paris.

Details of the Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2023 collection

With an elegant base palette of blacks and whites, the collection is dotted with touches of gold, bronze, emerald green, beige and copper, while elegant evening dresses are combined with statuary headpieces in gold and bronze body accessories.

Exaggerated and oversized designs dominated the runway, although they looked more subtle due to the faded colorways. However, social media users were quick to comment on the negative connotations surrounding animals as clothing, even if the fur and skins are fake.

Schiaparelli Parade

Many viewers found the show a step backwards for animal rights activists, suggesting that the group only emphasizes the use of animals and their skins as "trophies", regardless its real message.

Highlights of the Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2023 collection

Along with models Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk who certainly walked the runway, the unique show featured a range of captivating looks, each seemingly inspired by a different animal, peacocks, snakes, lions and tigers. The collection provided an updated view of wildlife fashion that, in theory, did no harm to any animal in the making. He's also featured in stunningly shady pantsuits, draped tuxedos, and stunning stripes that mimic the texture of menswear, but curve with womenswear.

Summary of the Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2023 collection

The designer's aspirations are high for this collection and he said upfront, "Nothing is what it seems," you might say, noting all the conversations that took place on his show. Rosebery found a creative parallel to his dilemmas he symbolizes, he said: "It's the agony of wanting to surprise, I just want it to be strong in a different way every time".

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