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Melissa celebrates her first summer in France and lets you discover her models, ideal for spending a summer in comfort!

To begin with, Melissa was created in 1979 in Brazil by Alexandre and Pedro Grendene. They began the adventure by taking inspiration from the shoes seen on the Côte d'Azur and developed the classic 'Aranha' model.

melissa france summer shoes

For more than 40 years, Melissa has collaborated with the big names in fashion and design: Jean-Paul Gaultier , Karl Lagerfeld , Thierry Mugler , Comme des Garçons, Opening Ceremony, Vivienne Westwood, among others.


Our latest collaboration with Opening Ceremony, two iconic models, a successful collaboration! The first model: Melissa Hatch + Opening Ceremony is the result of a perfect mix of trends. The fusion between a classic style and pop and current colors.

Adored by celebrities and influencers, the new collaboration with iconic brand Opening Ceremony has helped refresh the brand's foundations.

melissa summer shoes

Melissa Hatch + Opening Ceremony introduces a new streetwear-inspired theme that translates into a fun, waterproof, colorful, vegan, and flirty sandal. With a grip of the 90s, the Hatch is bold while having cutouts that bring sexiness to your feet. With this fishing net effect, it is perfect for composing looks with a lot of personality. Its transparent effect color palette gives it a graphic and very arty look and allows you to finish a look easily.

The second model, Les Melissa Ladii: It's hard to imagine '90s style without one of the decade's flagship and iconic shoes, the mule.

The Opening Ceremony brand founded by American designers who mix fashion, art, design and trends with the basics, presents the MELISSA LADII & OPENING CEREMONY model. This new collaboration with OPENING CEREMONY evokes a nostalgic atmosphere. The geometric shape of the mule and its unique heel structure are incredibly comfortable and thanks to our responsible Mel Flex PVC, it is also waterproof. A range of colors offered for maximum aesthetic choice. The nudes in several tones to confuse the foot with the shoe and lengthen the legs thanks to a 3 cm heel. Or a burst of color with pinks and turquoises or reds to complete your summer evening look.

Melissa is constantly innovating in an eco-responsible way to find ways to minimize the brand's environmental impact .

Melissa collects used models that will no longer be worn and recycles them . Today the models are made with 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable .

The models have also been certified vegan since 2019, which officially confirms that no animals have been included in the production of our products.

Welcome to the world of Melissa, a world where responsible Fashion , Art and Design are accessible to everyone.

Quickly find your favorite model!

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