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Melissa is now part of the 1% for the planet movement

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1% for the Planet is the only international collective bringing together philanthropic companies involved in the protection of the environment. It is an international movement of entrepreneurs committed to a new economy, more respectful of people and the planet. Member companies believe that they have a role to play in the fight against climate change, the erosion of biodiversity or other environmental issues. They undertake to donate 1% of their net turnover to environmental associations.

It is much stronger, as a commitment, because, in the event of a difficult year, the company will still have to honor its "contract", even if it is loss-making. We are therefore far from Greenwashing , this practice which consists of giving oneself a clear conscience by greening one's image without taking concrete action. But it's very French, this fear of Greenwashing , almost having fun Jacques fath . For fear of this specter, we do not act. 

France is the second country, after the United States, in number of philanthropic entrepreneurs who are 1% members, with nearly 650 member companies and 7 million euros annually distributed to approved associations (400 associations In France). Because we believe in the strength of the collective, events and working groups are organized locally so that philanthropic members and associations can meet and discuss. The Associations and Philanthropists Meetings are a major annual event for the 1% community where pre-selected associations have the opportunity to pitch their project directly to patrons.

At Melissa, we have already reduced our water consumption by 31% per year (which corresponds to 161 Olympic swimming pools) and all our factories are in the process of being equipped with solar panels.

Today, our products are made with 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Our brand is setting up a system for collecting used shoes in our stores in order to reduce our waste and recycle shoes.

Our products are certified Vegan since 2019, which guarantees that no animals were included in the production of this product.

All the paper used for the packaging is certified FSC , therefore having no negative impact on forests. Green operations are carried out, such as the construction and use of a solar energy system in the state of Ceara in northeast Brazil, to reduce our environmental impact: 1,810 MWh - of renewable energy is generated each year and 992 tonnes of carbon emissions have been avoided to date

By joining 1%, companies choose to give to the association of their choice. For Melissa, he seemed natural to us to join the movement 1% with the association Surfrider foundation Europe. 

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit environmental organization created in 1990 with the aim of protecting and enhancing the ocean, the coast, the waves, the lakes, the rivers and all the populations who enjoy them. 

We are very proud to be able to support such an association and start 2021 with the ambition of constantly expanding our possibilities of engagement.

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