découvrez des initiatives green: Make My Lemonade

discover green initiatives: Make My Lemonade

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Fashion being one of the most polluting industries in the world, this brand encourages DIY is good !!!

Today, we present to you a green initiative created in 2015 by Lisa Trigger : Make my Lemonade , Lisa's famous blog which shares with us all her eco-conscious & colorful universe.

It all started 13 years ago, when Lisa went to Paris to study fashion design at Duperré , earning a diploma and degree in fashion design at the age of 21.

Shortly after, she started working for Yves Saint Laurent as an assistant coordinator in the design studio for men. Being specialized in children's fashion as a student, she wanted to become more creative and start drawing again.

So she decided to go to Good point for a few months “which was a very positive experience on a human level”.

It was then that she also decided to launch her site Do it Yourself to teach people to do things by hand. (fashion, cooking, decoration, etc.)

Then she decided to launch her ready-to-wear brand, creating her own exclusive creations in small quantities, not limited to clothing. Sewing patterns were also part of his offer from the start. It was in May 2015, almost 4 years ago!

Make My Lemonade is the first brand offering a Do approach It Yourself . Limited edition clothing to make yourself or buy ready-made, as you wish!

Far from the codes of fast‑fashion , the brand offers a different fashion. Limited and reasonable quantities that adapt and evolve according to customer feedback and their growth.

The clothes are made in Europe. On some pieces, they salvage unused fabrics, or ends of rolls, from the stocks of major fashion houses to create new pieces. Their collections are mainly made up of materials #natural , #recycled and certified #Oekotex .

From several collections pre-orders meet with great success. This principle makes it possible to produce the fairest quantity and avoid any overproduction & waste. It also allows you to show each step, step by step, of the manufacture of a garment: From the design, to the sale, to the production in the factories and the delivery

Eco-conscious all the way: For commands, the option Eco-friendly East available THE garment simply under blister (recycled and/or cornstarch) , without tissue paper or sticker or card. Without checking this option, the customer receives an order #fullexperience .

Make My Lemonade remains a budget. But the labels' price includes the in-house development of all their patterns, from hundreds of prototypes to each collection to arrive at the perfect fit, and the development of their signature fabrics for the most durable piece possible.

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