la caserne, accélérateur de transition écologique dédié à la mode et au luxe

the barracks, ecological transition accelerator dedicated to fashion and luxury

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Today we come to talk to you about the barracks , the largest ecological transition accelerator dedicated to fashion and luxury in Europe .

The building is the oldest fire station in Paris , and it was rehabilitated for the barracks.

The barracks has approximately 1700m2 of offices and workshops for fashion brands and service companies.

What do we find there?

We will find private spaces in which entrepreneurs can develop their activity within a powerful and stimulating ecosystem, focused on the ecological transition within the fashion and luxury sector.

There are also several eco-responsible brands on the barracks site, such as Circle sportwear , Coltesse , Le slip français or even Walk in Paris .

There is also a 100m2 fab lab in the basement of the Barracks which allows residents to design, for example, the very first prototypes.

As well as cutting tables, sewing machines, overlockers, thermal presses and 3D printers are available.

You will also find two 100m2 photo studios equipped for taking photos which are accessible to residents and external brands.

The Barracks also includes an 800m2 courtyard which is a real living space for the organization of parades, ephemeral markets or events.

The main idea of ​​this place is to encourage and support young brands and start-ups whose vocation is to change fashion as well as our consumption or production habits .

The actors of this new world will be able to collaborate in a space in full effervescence.

In September, the barracks hosts the conscious festival , an educational and festive event on sustainability, eco-responsibility and slow-fashion .

Melissa is also very happy to announce that she will be present at the conscious festival, stay tuned for the rest...

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