Emily in Paris : Le grand retour de la  série sur la plateforme Netflix

Emily in Paris: The big return of the series on the Netflix platform

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The plot of the series "Emily in Paris" is based on the great contrast between American and French ways of life and thought.
A few days ago, Netflix announced the renewal of the American series "Emily in Paris" for the third and fourth seasons, after the great success achieved by the work in its first two seasons.

But the outcry over "Emily in Paris" isn't always positive. The series, which launched the stardom of its heroine Lily Collins and achieved millions of views, is hated in the country that bears the name of "Paris", and with the presentation of the second season, many critics have multiplied for work as a repeat of the first season with nothing new. Just enjoy the success.

The first season: The American Emily in the city of light

The plot of the series " Emily in Paris " depends on the great contradiction between the American and French way of living and thinking, through Emily, the girl from Chicago, who settles in Paris by pure coincidence to work in the French branch of his company. , and because of cultural differences and his inability to speak French, many paradoxes occur that are meant to be comical.

In Paris, Emily starts an account on Instagram, in which she reviews the details of her new life in the City of Light, and soon many people follow her, and she turns into a famous influencer, using her account to promote her work, his life and his friends, and begins to earn the respect of his new co-workers with his different ways and ideas from the old French traditions of the marketing world.
The series presents the two dominant mental images of American and French culture. Emily, from the perspective of Parisians, is a stupid, rude and inappropriate American who tries to impose methods of gain and profit that contradict the classic French methods of the field.

While the series reviews Paris from a very narrow perspective, it is believed to be only the city of croissants, the Eiffel Tower, complex love relationships, elegance and fashion houses.

Ultimately, in an attempt to find Emily a place of her own in her new town, the series presented nothing but the "cliché" or stereotype of American or French society.

The second season of the series Emily In Paris

In the second season of Emily in Paris, a cultural conflict between Emily and the people of the city subsides, but it is the real basis of the series, and thus the character of the American director "Madeleine" who comes to Paris to follow the work appears, and its confrontation begins with Sylvie the French director, and the working methods in the company, as if the first season repeated itself again, but this time with an older woman who lacks a lot of charm which Emily enjoyed in the first season, which makes the conflict grosser and the American character uglier.

The series also maintained the same relationships from the first season, and the impossible love triangle between Emily, Gabriel, and Kami, to open up space for discussion about the nature of divergent romantic relationships between French and American societies, but this made of this season a recurring echo of the first season.

Characters from the Emily In Paris series

The series is fundamentally similar to the American romantic comedy films and series we've watched thousands of times, and which convey messages about American determination, the power to follow passion and honesty with oneself, and the search of love and romance, to create inspiration. A light personality that the public accepts and admires with sympathy, an American character capable of winning all challenges.

The screenplay is influenced by several American works such as "The Devil Wears Prada", as "Emily in Paris" is akin to "The Devil Wears Prada" in the construction of the basic plot and some characters, in which the young woman Andrea joins the work in a fashion magazine, and is exposed due to the pressure of her alienation from the rest of the employees and their way of life and thought, she begins to imitate them, and at the same time impresses them with her determination, intelligence, and honesty, so she gradually gets up to find that she is losing her soul, turning into another person she doesn't love. Doesn't this sound a bit like the story of Emily and her business trip to Paris?

The series "Sex and the City" is similar to Emily in Paris in the main character. Carrie Bradshaw, the American heroine of the series, started her life as a naïve immigrant to New York from a small town, before the American fashion town swallowed her up. That she identifies with her, attracted by everything that is new in fashion, and lives a confused and identical emotional life. In this with Emily, who moves to Paris, leaving behind her traditional city, drawn to the French sense of fashion she tries to emulate, and the exciting life, unlike what she has lived before, first breaking down from her association with her lover, then finally making the decision that Paris has become her new home.

Her identification with Parisian life emerges when her rude-sounding American director contradicts the high life she learned in the City of Lights, visits, and the season ends with Emily, faced with a choice between French culture or American and with its viewers, waiting for what the next seasons might bring us.

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