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Léna Situation: The French star of Social Networks

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Thanks to videos called "Léna Situations", which included advice on fashion, beauty and how to enjoy a positive life, young YouTuber Léna Mahfouf managed to attract millions of followers via social networks.

Who is Lena Mahfouf?

25-year-old French and Algerian-born Lena Mahfouf was born to Algerian parents who fled the country's civil war and grew up in a middle-class family in Paris. More than five years ago, she started sharing cheap fashion tips and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, juggling multiple odd jobs to pay for her fashion marketing school.

Léna Mahfouf has attracted 2.44 million followers on the "YouTube" video platform and another 3.9 million followers on the "Instagram" platform. In 2019, Léna carried over the "People's Choice Award" , which is a prestigious award for stars of viral video via Internet sites. His first book topped the non-fiction book list in France for six consecutive weeks, rivaled only by the debut of Barack Obama 's memoir.

Mahfouf is considered one of the most prominent fashion influencers in France, along with Sana El Mahalli known as Sananas and Mary Lopez known as EnjoyPhoenix who have also gained millions of followers online by posting fashion tips. makeup and fashion, and personal anecdotes about relationships and mental health.

Lena Mahfouf

The career of Léna Situations on social networks

The social media star's videos are often low key and are about family and friends. In one, her father, a puppeteer who performed in schools and is currently unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, makes jokes about his outdated clothes, and in another clip, she sees her boyfriend Bilal Hassani - a gay musician of North African origin who played France in the "Eurovision 2019" contest, and he flaunts a wig and makeup.

Other videos are more energetic, with Léna expressing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, talking about her feminism and how natural curly hair should be acceptable, even as artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna straighten their hair.

In February 2020, Mahfouf was covering a show for the Balmain platform on YouTube at the invitation of Loïc Pregent , the famous fashion journalist and one of his fans. At the time, Mahfouf was a relative stranger, dressed in clothes made by fashion brand "Zara", and her enthusiasm and sense of humor were evident in her as she waved to the audience, who ignored her. completely. When told that the most important people always arrive late, she jokes, "I got there before they put up the lights."

Since the Balmain show, Léna has become a new force on the French fashion scene, she has been chosen by Dior to promote its items online, and Mahfouf's shopping has become even more luxurious. We easily notice Yves Saint Laurent's high-heeled shoes and Marc Jacobs' bags, which are displayed in her dressing room and on her Instagram feed.

But in the eyes of her supporters, Lena's situation is still easy to reach and she remains humble. She laughs quickly and speaks with great enthusiastic gestures, and one morning she innocently marvels at the large snowflakes falling outside her window.

Lena Situations

The greatest successes of Léna Situations

at 25, the young woman was elected queen of YouTube France, the first French influencer to be invited to the Met Gala. In addition to all that, Léna is courted by the biggest brands, starting with Dior with whom she multiplies collaborations. A winning bet according to Launchmetrics, the impact of the young woman would amount to millions of dollars.
Léna Mahfouf is now one of the most powerful fashion influencers on the planet, ranked by the Media Impact Value barometer as the most influential woman on the web, dethroning the Italian Chiara Ferragni. The prestigious New York Times devoted a portrait to her, she made the front page of “Elle” magazine, and appeared in the Forbes list of the 30 most influential French personalities in the cinema and entertainment sector.
In 2020, Léna Situations is no longer limited to the web. Robert Laffont editions can be proud of this, having published the influencer's first book in September 2020, entitled “Always more: my method + = +”. This guide to life, advice to feel good about yourself and take life on the bright side, was a real hit
In June 2022, Léna announced in a video on her Instagram account the opening of her online store named Hôtel Mahfouf. The young woman wanted to offer her community clothing and lifestyle products that look like her. She was inspired by her beloved cities: Paris and Los Angeles, but also by those around her.
Very recently, Mahfouf announced the opening of a Christmas pop-up from December 2 to 24.

The concept of this store resembles that of its previous Hotel Mahfouf. Léna described it on her Instagram account, mentioning that “Le Chalet is a café with personalized hot drinks, but without forgetting our iconic drinks for this summer. It is also a sweet gourmet menu with vegan options. And it is also a large boutique of the Hotel Mahfouf, you can come and try on the clothes, touch our materials and meet the staff of the Hotel Mahfouf. You know the house: we have prepared several surprises, events, parties and activities.”

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