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From Saturday May 22 and until May 29 , Melissa will be in collaboration with Choose , a conscious retail platform.

The concept of the site is to highlight brands that have meaning, values ​​and that are aware and willing to act for tomorrow.
They offer carefully selected lifestyle, wellness and fashion brands and products in the form of pop-up sales .

The idea is to highlight virtuous brands to meet a new consumer need .

This platform responds to a real demand, that of a more conscious and responsible consumption with a real evolution of the market.
Today, around 85% of French people say they want to consume more responsibly.
It is to this need that Choose responds, by selecting more environmentally conscious brands .

To help the consumer, Choose describes the universe of brands with keywords such as “handmade”, “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”. This allows consumers to directly target the brand that meets their needs.

Melissa is indeed an eco-responsible brand , its products are made of approximately 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable .

Here is a short video that explains all this in more detail:

Seven of our models will therefore be available with a promotional advantage of 15% and in limited quantities on the Choose site for a period of one week.
The models present on the site will be:

- Hatch OC Green

- Papete Print Leopard

- Caribe Slide Black

- Wide Sandal Tortoise

- Possession Rombaut Doree

- Ladii OC Pink Green

- Cosmo Heel Transp Pink

You can go and check the models on Saturday on @choose_app and @melissashoesfrance !

On the occasion of this collab, Choose & Melissa set up a contest with the media @tapage on their Instagram page, a media engaged on many subjects.

Three Melissa models are therefore up for grabs on the Instagram pages @tapage @choose_app and @melissashoes , don't hesitate to participate and talk about it around you!

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