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What is an inclusive brand ?

It's a brand that aims to include everyone , without exception.

For example, an inclusive brand will not put anyone aside, especially people identified by one of their particularities: sexuality, origins, social level, gender, etc.
Fashion is a way of expressing your personality, but it's far too often used to look like it. The styles are similar and often address the same public, a public that is far too standardized.
However, each woman, man, must then be able to be represented whatever their personality.

On this day of May 17 , day of fight against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia , it is obvious that Melissa shoes defends and is committed to the rights of all men and all women, of all origins, of all sexualities and of all genders.

In 2020, we proclaim loud and clear the values ​​of tolerance, freedom and open-mindedness. However, LGBTQ+ communities unfortunately still need to fight for their legitimacy and normality.

In a constantly changing world, Melissa shoes is for everyone and advocates difference and uniqueness.
An eco-responsible brand , yes, but also a socio-responsible one, with a real fight for the rights of its community, that's Mélissa's will.

The brand also supports its values ​​through its choice of collaborations, in particular with Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1983, who was the precursor of inclusion within the world of fashion.
But also with Vivienne Westwood in 2007, the brand highlights models of all ages in its parades.
Internally, Melissa also promotes diversity within her workforce.

In the long term, the goal is also to have a more inclusive communication , with in particular the use of inclusive writing as well as the non-distinction of female and male models on the e-shop as well as and to widen the sizes for all models.

Indeed, the fashion world feels more and more concerned by these issues of inclusion. This is confirmed by the quantified report from The Fashion Spot magazine, which counts the number of non-white, non-thin models over 50 in the official fashion week shows.
According to the report, recent years have broken diversification records with 41.5% of non-white models.

Regarding the issue of ethnic diversity in fashion shows, the defending champion of this fight is Rihanna with her house Fenty (Fenty beauty, Fenty skin and Savage Fenty). Indeed, very committed, she breaks the codes, through her advertising campaigns, by highlighting black-skinned, non-thin or elderly women.

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