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Petit Bateau is a French brand known for its know-how which was founded in 1920 and has existed for more than a century.
Considered a brand for children in its infancy, Petit Bateau is now considered a trans-generational brand.

The particularity of petit bateau is that all its products are made of noble materials and mainly of quality cotton because the primary goal of the garment is to last over time and to be as resistant as possible .

One of their flagship products is the short-sleeved cotton t-shirt , the one we all know and that we all have at the back of our wardrobe.

Petit Bateau has always been committed to producing more responsibly and respecting the planet.
For example, at Petit Bateau, eco-responsibility goes through eco-design , one of the pillars of responsible production.

What is eco-design?

It is the fact of integrating, from the design of a product, the criteria of preservation of the environment so that the selection of materials, the production and even the final product have the least possible impact on the environment , while maintaining the quality of the materials and the final product.

Petit Bateau aims, by 2025, to manufacture all of its products with eco-responsible materials that are more respectful of the environment, humans and animals. Eco-responsible products also by their materials, but also by their cuts, their manufacturing processes or by the choice of dyes.

At Petit Bateau, 70% of the swimsuits in the summer 2021 collection contain at least 50% recycled fibers from used fishing nets or discarded plastic bottles and 67% of the products offered for sale in 2021 are pieces considered to be independent of seasonal patterns.

The wish of the brand today is to go even further in the process and to turn to a more circular economy in order to preserve the environment and also future generations with an infinite chain of sustainability .

It is with this objective that Petit Bateau has set up the “Change tomorrow” operation, which aims to make the brand's clothes last even longer.
The brand offers to recover clothes that are no longer used to give them a new life, either resell them through their online platform or recycle them depending on their condition in exchange for a voucher to encourage customers.
The clothes collected are classified into three categories "like new", "almost perfect" and "too much nonsense".

In short, we fully support the initiative and we let you go and check it out on the networks and on their website !

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