Becky Punk Love x Jean Paul Gaultier - Black


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The Melissa Becky Punk Love x Jean Paul Gaultier is an imaginative take on Melissa's famous becky mule, with a hint of hip fetish. This exclusive mule is the culmination of the partnership between Melissa and renowned designer Jean Paul Gaultier, offering the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. This collaboration between Melissa and Jean Paul Gaultier continues the tradition of successful partnerships between the Brazilian shoe brand and haute couture designers . Melissa is recognized for her innovative vision of design, while Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for his unlimited creativity and his love of the original ity. Their new joint project aims to go beyond fashion conventions by offering unique pieces.


The Melissa Becky Punk Love x Jean Paul Gaultier is a mule that perfectly combines style and audacity. It is made with high-end materials, a distinctive sign of Melissa shoes, thus ensuring their durability and respect for the environment. The Melissa Becky Punk Love stands out for its metallic effect spirals, which give the shoe a touch of fetishism and modernity. These remarkable elements catch the eye and give the mule a unique and avant-garde look. Comfortable and versatile, the Melissa Becky Punk Love features a cushioned insole for optimal comfort with every step. The platform sole provides some height without compromising stability, making it a perfect shoe for everyday use or to enhance a more formal outfit. The Melissa Becky Punk Love x Jean Paul Gaultier is available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing everyone to find the pair that best suits their personal style. Each pair comes complete with a Melissa fabric storage bag and personalized box, bringing a touch of elegance to this unique collaboration. This new collaboration between Melissa and Jean Paul Gaultier is a true ode to audacity, innovation and creativity. The two models, the Melissa Punk Love Pump and the Melissa Becky Punk Love, are the epitome of a successful union between fashion and design, offering footwear enthusiasts a unique and memorable experience.

The creation of Melflex®

In 1982, Grendene launched the production of Melflex®, a flexible and resistant PVC material that became an immediate success in the Brazilian footwear market.

Melflex® is a tough, flexible and comfortable material that can be molded into different shapes and colors. Also, it is environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled and reused to make new products.

The use of Melflex® in the footwear industry and its impact

Melflex® has become a very popular material in the footwear industry due to its benefits. Melissa, a Brazilian shoe company, is one of the first to use Melflex® to make eco-friendly shoes. Melissa shoes are now sold worldwide.

Melflex® has had a significant impact on the footwear industry. This material has allowed designers to create shoes that are more comfortable, lighter and more durable while reducing environmental impact. Shoes made of Melflex® are also easier to maintain and clean.