Streetstyle Trends pour la saison automne-hiver 2023 - Spotted During Fashion Week in Paris

Streetstyle Trends for the fall-winter 2023 season - Spotted During Fashion Week in Paris

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When it comes to streetstyle, Paris undoubtedly remains the cradle of trends. This year again, during the fall-winter fashion week in the City of Lights, fashion enthusiasts from around the world strolled the streets wearing unconventional outfits that attracted all eyes. From original socks to unexpected clothing combinations, discover the street style trends that caused a sensation in Paris.

Surprising socks : One of the most unexpected trends that has emerged on the streets of Paris is the comeback of original socks. Fashion enthusiasts stood out by sporting socks in bright colors, bold patterns and varied textures. Whether it was flamboyant polka dots peeking out from under cropped pants or knee-high socks sporting intricate designs, these playful socks brought a touch of eccentricity to every outfit. Do you want to adopt this style? No problem, this trend goes perfectly with our Melissa Farah or Jackie shoes.

Shorts and Boots : Who said shorts are just for summer? Parisians pushed seasonal boundaries by pairing shorts and boots to create a bold look that took the climate into account. Leather shorts paired with knee-high boots were particularly popular, creating a chic and rebellious look, perfectly suited to the fall/winter transition. For rainy fall days, opt for shorts and our Welly boots .

Loose pants and princess shoes : Oversized pants have made a big appearance on the streets of Paris, abandoning the tight jeans that reigned supreme since the early 2000s. Paired with an unexpected twist, namely "princess" style shoes " with pointed toes, like our Melissa Y-Project Court Shoes , they created a most captivating style contrast.

Accessories to enhance your accessories : One of the most original trends of Paris Fashion Week was the art of accessorizing your accessories.

The most fashionable fashionistas have personalized their bags and shoes by adding fun keyrings, cute little bows and delicate miniature jewelry. This trend has breathed new life into everyday objects, transforming them into truly personalized works of art.

Ballerina Flats and Jeans : In a stylish fusion inspired by ballet and casual comfort, ballet flats have made an unexpected comeback. Parisian fashionistas were seen wearing ballet flats with classic jeans, creating a look that was both chic and effortless. This combination helped elevate everyday clothing style. You can try this trend with our Campana ballerinas , comfortable and elegant at the same time.

These unconventional streetstyle trends illustrate fashion's constant evolution and ability to push boundaries. Paris Fashion Week demonstrated that fashion is not limited to the catwalks; it thrives on the streets, where personal style is in the spotlight. If you want to infuse a Parisian touch into your fall-winter wardrobe, don't hesitate to take inspiration from these trends spotted during the city's trendiest week.

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