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Why choose vegan shoes?

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With all the harm our planet has suffered from glitzy fashion, vegan fashion has gone from being an era-specific trend to a rather mainstream fashion that is increasingly in demand in the fashion world.

The vegan fashion industry is constantly growing, with new clothing and footwear brands launching every year, this fashion is taking over with time. From now on, the fashion market is opening its arms wide to the vegan and eco-responsible market.

Vegan shoes are a big part of this recent fashion and are part of the biggest fashion shows, such as the global event of Fashion Week where several brands paraded with pieces made of vegan and recyclable materials. The American brand Collina Strada is one of the great examples of this industry. But why should we choose this type of product rather than another made of leather or materials of animal origin?

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Vegan shoes, what exactly are they?

The vegan fashion sector never uses animal materials in the manufacture of products, such is the case for eco-responsible shoes which are made from vegan leather or other synthetic materials such as PVC or animal rubber. The pairs made from these materials do not differ at all from the pairs made from animal leather in their appearance. Several well-known brands offer very trendy models such as the Melissa Shoes brand, which is one of the major brands in the ecological shoe industry. A Brazilian brand that uses at least 30% recycled materials in different models of shoes, boots , sneakers , moccasins , sandals and clogs . For all age groups, ranging from babies to older children.

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The good reasons to prefer vegan shoes

The origin of the materials used

Shoes made from vegan materials are made from a wide range of plant-based materials such as cotton, wood, bamboo, rubber and recycled plastic. These materials are increasingly attracting the fashion market and mainly the big fashion houses and the big leaders in the shoe sector.

Healthy and safe fashion

The non-use of materials of animal origin makes this fashion healthier and safer. Unlike leather crafted items which are created from the skin of certain animals like pigs, sheep, cows. The new trend of vegan fashion completely avoids the use of animal products.

Value for money

It is known that shoes are among the most expensive items in the wardrobe. Generally, we spend several hundred or even thousands of euros to buy a good and beautiful pair of pumps , mules or even clogs . However, the quality remains to be desired, we note that after some time the shoes of animal origin change in size and tend to wrinkle, unlike vegan shoes which constitute the best cheaper alternative. Vegan leather often requires fewer processes and less treatment, so you don't spend as much in making it.

In addition to its cheaper cost, the quality of its shoes is not inferior to others. The vegan industry is all about making products that are both fashionable and stand the test of time. The materials used do not degrade for the most part, or on the contrary, they begin to improve over time.

Relationship with the environment

Vegan production is known for its eco-responsible side. Indeed, this industry takes into account the environment and seeks to reduce all the elements that contribute to the devastation of the climate. The non-use of chemicals and the processing methods used make vegan fashion more sustainable and responsible, such is the case of the Brazilian shoe brand Melissa Shoes .

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