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Paris Fashion Week: Everything you need to know about this week

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Fashion Week or Fashion Week, an event you have certainly heard of. A month dedicated to the fashion shows of the most famous fashion brands. But what else do we know about this global celebration of fashion?

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is more of a fashion month that happens once every six months every year. During this event, stylists and designers present their new collections for the two consecutive seasons of winter and summer. The first parade usually takes place between February and March and the second happens between September and October.

It is rather a month devoted to the fashion shows of several brands of clothing and shoes known throughout the world. These four weeks of fashion take place in four different major cities. Starting with New York, which opens the ball almost every year, then comes London Fashion Week, followed by Milan Fashion Week. During these first three weeks, only the ready-to-wear brands launch their new collections for the following season. Finally, we find the Paris Fashion Week which closes the ball and which is considered a unique week. Paris is the only city that presents haute couture fashion shows where the biggest brands launch their new private collections of the season, exclusive and remarkable models, generally handmade and reserved for an exclusive clientele. It is rather the fashion week most awaited by spectators.

Fashion Week catwalk

The brands that will parade at Paris Fashion Week

Several major brands will be present at the Paris event this year 2022. The calendar has already been unveiled and the program promises to be intense with more than 100 fashion houses in the schedule which will be divided between 64 fashion shows and 41 presentations.

Among the most anticipated shows, we have that of Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham, Elie Saab, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, as well as several other iconic brands in the world of haute couture. Alongside its high-end houses, there will also be very important parades of major brands for men and women with new unique and super stylish models that will subsequently influence several other brands of clothing and footwear from this celebration. .

In the program of ready-to-wear shows, there will be parades by Chloé, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Undecover . The latter will collaborate very soon with the Brazilian brand of eco-responsible shoes Melissa Shoes in France .

The Japanese brand that will parade on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week is planning an upcoming collaboration with the shoe brand Melissa Shoes. An exceptional new collection will be available from the end of winter 2023.

Collaboration Undercover X melissa

Who can attend Paris Fashion Week?

Unfortunately, this global event is not accessible to everyone. Only invited or accredited persons may be present. Like fashion professionals and journalists in the same field. But good news for people who want to see the shows of the different Brands. Now you can watch them online from home from the brands' official Instagram pages or even on their websites as if you were actually on the podium.

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