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We are very happy to announce our collaboration with the vegan brand, ROMBAUT . Founded in Brazil in 1979, we have gained worldwide recognition through our use of sustainably produced recyclable plastic and our collaborations with renowned designers, in the fields of fashion, art and architecture ( Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Comme des Garçons, Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Haid or Gaetano Pesce).

Each season is a real source of inspiration for us, in order to offer an ever more creative vision of its universe.

For its part, ROMBAUT offers a futuristic and ethical alternative to “fast fashion” shoes. Launched in 2013 by Belgian designer Mats Rombaut , the Paris-based label offers eco-friendly shoes made only from vegan materials : vegetable leathers, recycled fibers and high-quality artificial leather .

In 2021, Mats Rombaut & us are launching a capsule collection in our image. It consists of our iconic Possession sandal and a new "melted" version of the famous Boccaccio sneakers by ROMBAUT (worn by Bella Hadid , Hailey Bieber , Lil Nas X , Miley Cyrus and Charli XCX) available in cream white, black, marbled green, transparent brown with pieces of rice husks and lilac.

For this collaboration, we have developed an even more responsible material with a recycled PVC rate increasing from 30 to 50% , coming from factory waste and 30% renewable carbon of biological origin : sugar cane (17%) and vegetable oil (13%). Even the sneaker laces are made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Mats Rombaut, founder of ROMBAUT explains: "Our brand is vegan and takes sustainability seriously. Our collaborations must have meaning and set an example to improve things. It took me a long time to start a collaboration, because it's hard to find great brands that share the same values. That's why I'm delighted with this collaboration with the brand Melissa. For my reinterpretation of the Boccaccio , I wanted to draw attention to the global warming climate by literally melting my signature pair of sneakers. The design isn't the only stance, it's in addition to the use of recycled materials creating a circular system that is part of Melissa's sustainability program. What I favorite thing about this brand is that you can bring your used shoes back to their stores and they can recycle them!"

ROMBAUT will offer another limited edition of 100 pairs made with 100% post-consumer waste , available only on and Rombaut's new flagship store in Paris.

''With this collaboration, MELISSA explores its commitment to sustainability while offering a fun, innovative and visually striking premium product that will be accessible and affordable for fashion lovers. Rombaut is one of the most exciting brands in fashion today and has a young and socially engaged community that embodies the freshness and creativity that Melissa represents. We are proud and enthusiastic about the result we have been able to achieve with this project, which represents another step in our journey towards sustainability. adds Raquel Scherer, Global Brand Manager Melissa

For the launch, an event treasure hunt is organized in Paris on Thursday April 1st. 4 “frozen” shoes are hidden in 4 different districts (République, Canal Saint-Martin, Place des Vosges and Bastille). By following the clues given by the social networks of the Rombaut brand, Parisians are invited to find the 4 frozen feet and come and exchange them for a pair in their size at the ROMBAUT Paris boutique.

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