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Summer is well underway but absolutely not over, especially since, with the sun just pointing the tip of its nose, we are doing everything to make it last! This week, we find ourselves again with a seasonal article: the ideal pairs of shoes for summer 2021. Here are the trends of the moment!


Every wardrobe calls for a pair that's simple, classic, yet practical to wear in the summer. Whether it's for chilling or going to the beach, the Wide is THE pair for you. You will always find this practical and fun Birk style in different colors every summer as the pair is so timeless. At Melissa, the Wide comes in the form of a slide or a sandal , with or without a platform , two-tone or solid color.


The return of the platform! With all these bright colors that are making a comeback at the moment, the Becky is the platform that will add a plus to your outfits without sacrificing comfort on your feet. The pair brings a certain nostalgia of the 1990s by reminding us of the iconic style of Britney Spears or the flamboyant outfits of the Spice Girls . The Becky is THE best-seller from Melissa, you can find it in white or black on our website ! She is very happy with her casual style but above all knows how to perfect an outfit.


If for some the jellyfish style revives old memories, a certain childhood nostalgia, others return to it as soon as possible to announce the fashion of tomorrow. We tend to agree with them. The jellyfish shoe is making a big comeback on the front of the stage, it can be found in many magazines - like in this edition of Gala - and this to the delight of Melissa who bases her brand on Possession . This essential was created by the brand's founders - Alexandre and Pedro Grendene - who were inspired by the shoes that sailors wore in France, on the Côte d'Azur. In more than 40 years, this iconic model of the brand has not aged a bit! In fact, the Melissa x Rombaut collaboration gave birth to a new 50% recycled Possession that you can find on the Melissa stand at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées . Test its comfort and you will never leave it.


Finally, if there is a timeless pair, it's the mule. The mule in summer is the must-have. It is just as suitable on the edge of a terrace after work, for strolling around Paris like Léna Mahfouf , as it is for a chic summer evening! With its small heel and its casual but chic side, this pair is reworked, redesigned and stylized by most of the big brands in the world at the moment as the enthusiasm around this shoe does not run out of steam. Jacquemus , Gucci , Dior … Everyone approves of it. At only 65 euros at Melissa, the recycled and recyclable Wave will do the job while adding pep to your summer with its pastel colors! Come take a look :)

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