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If it's hard to believe in some parts of the country, it's summer. As the capital is gradually emptying, we thought it was time to tell you about the ideal swimsuits for your seaside destinations, and not just any swimsuits! In this week's article, we want to highlight these brands committed to more responsible fashion that are working to create iconic swimwear.

Je ne sais quoi - Greatly committed to slow fashion, Louise Aubéry ( @mybetterself) , whom you probably know through the networks and in particular her youtube channel , created her own brand of swimwear and lingerie at the end of 2020.

What makes jenesaisquoi bikinis and two-pieces iconic is that the creations know how to perfectly combine comfort, aesthetics, inclusiveness and durability. The quality of the material is 75% explained by fibers from recycled plastic bottles and 25% by responsible elastane Roïca Eco-Smart which gives the jersey its flexibility. Last detail, the fabrics are sourced from a French manufacturer based in Isère, a sign of a real desire to limit the environmental impact by minimizing the carbon footprint. In line with the brand, all sets are certified vegan. Go check it out! The punch colors of jenesaisquoi will warm up this summer, very gray for the moment.

2 pieces - Then we would like to tell you about a brand of upcycled swimwear created by 2 sisters: Eva and Julie Ndombasi, respectively 24 and 22 years old. At the beginning of this year 2021, the two young Parisians organized a collection of unused swimsuits with the aim of giving them a second life through upcycling and with the help of a seamstress. This is how they give birth to brand new bikinis born from old swimsuits from all over France. This patchwork that we find on each piece makes the swimsuit unique, and we must admit that the color palette used for each creation of 2 pieces is top!

Coco Frio - A third swimwear brand that caught our eye was Coco Frio . The brand's pieces are definitely eco-responsible: initially, the fabrics are designed in Italy, in Como, before being used in family workshops near Porto on the one hand and near Milan on the other, which will be responsible for making the jerseys. And the fabric is very important: the brand uses ECONYL, a yarn that comes from recycling plastic waste and fishing nets. Because, as the French brand clearly points out, around 6.5 billion kilos of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans each year, according to UN figures. Whether you're looking for one-piece or two-piece, patterned or solid color, we think Coco Frio will meet your expectations.

Marilou Studio - Finally, if you want to create your own eco-responsible swimsuit, because there's nothing like it to limit its environmental impact, we also want to introduce you to one last brand. Marilou Studio , recently created by Marion Louisa , sells limited edition sewing patterns: this summer, the brand is releasing a pattern for an inclusive 2-piece swimsuit , that is to say suitable for all morphologies. The pattern is worth 14 euros and there is also a swimsuit kit worth 26 euros in which you can find all the necessary fabrics (you can choose the pattern), an elastic for support, in short all the material you need. need to create a nice swimsuit! Besides, don't hesitate to take a look at Marion Louisa's youtube channel if you too believe in sustainable fashion and want to give birth to your own creations; the girl is a real help for sewing beginners.

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