Pride month chez Melissa

Pride month at Melissa

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At Melissa, we celebrate the month of June as it should be with the "Pride month" or the month of pride in French , which is one of the most important events of the year in the eyes of the brand.

In June, even more than the rest of the year, the LGBTQ+ community is in the spotlight and it's an opportunity for them and for us to celebrate all gender identities and all sexualities.

The purpose of this particular month is also to give visibility to these people and to their struggles which are so often minimized .

It is for this purpose that Melissa decides to celebrate this community each year through its communication and its events but also within its internal team as an inclusive brand.
Melissa will notably organize conventions and talks on various subjects, notably on diversity and creativity .

Melissa France has decided to highlight an initiative launched by 6 Parisian trans women .

They are at the initiative of the first French feminist trans media XY Media with a team composed entirely of trans women working in the audio-visual sector or in the associative environment.

The initiative has been greatly appreciated by the community and allows trans women to feel supported, listened to and celebrated.

What is this media?

The purpose of this medium is to give a voice to trans people by trans people.
Too little represented or simply poorly represented, the trans community is almost non-existent in the media space and is never directly “interviewed”.

The idea is to share quality content that deals with the news as well as the history of this community and distribute it to as many people as possible .
For example, you can find articles on the history of Jackie Chan or Erika Hilton , trans and black woman, from working-class neighborhoods and elected municipal councilor in São Paulo, Brazil .

The media is aimed at trans people but also at cis people who would like to learn about the community.

The women's group has also launched a crownfiding campaign to raise funds to support the project and be able to take it even further.

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