Des marques qui se refusent aux soldes

Brands that refuse sales

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Offering affordable and fairer prices , without producing in huge quantities and having a more global responsible approach to society and the environment, these are some of the main pillars of Melissa .
More and more brands, such as Asphalte , Forlife , or Hircus and many others, decide not to put their items on sale.
But the question we could then ask is WHY ?
Studies conducted by the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) have shown that the sales, since winter 2017, have not worked as well as before.
Indeed, the figures show a decline in the consumption of clothing and textiles in recent years.
Many brands are positioning themselves on this choice not to make sales and we explain the reasons to you.
More and more brands are committed to producing in a more responsible and planet-friendly way . The circular economy is taking an increasingly important place in our society.
The goal is to reduce production while offering products with low environmental impact , better targeting its customers and maintaining the quality of the materials and the final product . 
Minimizing excessive production, waste, and unethical and moral production conditions, which are found especially in the fast-fashion industries, must be everyone's stakes .
Mass consumption has absolutely harmful effects whether on the environment, working and production conditions, or even on humans and their health...
The preservation of future generations and the environment is a key factor of our era.
We offer fair prices throughout the year for a much fairer economy that is respectful of our planet and our ecosystem , without waste and favorable to sustainable development .
More and more consumers adhere to this idea and support this choice not to make sales.
Melissa being an eco-responsible brand , promoting the circular economy , while constantly innovating in sustainable development , offers you design products all year round , in tune with the times and of quality accessible to all, certified VEGAN.

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