Comment avoir une garde robe responsable qui nous ressemble?

How to have a responsible wardrobe that looks like us?

Posted by Melissa France on

For a few years now and even more after the multiple lockdowns, we have questioned our way of consuming. Yet, easier said than done, it may not be so obvious to boycott the fashion industry overnight, especially if undermining is the love of our life!

But then, how to move towards a sustainable wardrobe that looks like us?

Important step, define your own style of dress.

Getting to know ourselves is a crucial step in our quest for style: knowing what suits us, knowing what we really need… And being honest with ourselves!

“Do I often wear this garment? ”, “ Is it the fashion or will it really suit me?”

Because indeed, there is a difference between what we like to see on models, advertisements, trends on social networks and, in reality, what really corresponds to us and our real needs. Let's create our own style by finding the timeless pieces in our wardrobe and the trendy pieces that best reflect our personality.

Also, in order not to be fooled by the latest trends, the trick is to follow Instagram accounts of slow fashion influencers who inspire us the most and who are close to what we would like to have in our wardrobe.

With this in mind, we will no longer succumb to the latest trend which will be forgotten a few weeks later and avoid making many purchasing mistakes...

Slow fashion: a matter of creativity and patience

Indeed, in slow fashion, it takes a small dose of creativity from time to time to find new clothing associations with what we already have in the wardrobe, because obviously, once our style is defined, it is not not necessarily a question of getting rid of the rest.

We can have upcycling projects for these leftover clothes. We can try to transform them: turn these old slim jeans into a beautiful tote bag or they can become part of the overshirt that we have customized... Yes, yes, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed ! By the way, here are our favorite contents on the subject:

Finally, the most important thing about upcycling clothes is that they should of course be worn and not left as works of art in the closet, because that is the whole point: transforming a room into something something that suits us to use it regularly.

So it's up to you!

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