“I do fashion to tell a narrative”- Virgil Abloh

“I do fashion to tell a narrative” - Virgil Abloh

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It's been a little over a week since the planet lost one of its most talented designers. A true artist at heart, Virgil Abloh has been able to revolutionize fashion by infusing this streetwear spirit into luxury, and has been able to impose his new vision on a world where diversity has its place.

Indeed, the designer has succeeded in transposing his multiple talents as a DJ, artist, creator into his works as the creator of his Off-White brand or even as a male artistic director for Louis Vuitton .

Since the launch of his Off-White brand in 2013, Virgil Abloh has become the idol of Generation Z, establishing himself as a visionary in his transversal and new approach to creation: crossing disciplines that are dear to him, cultural references and artistic… He brilliantly reinvented the existing fragments of our culture, thus he knew how to touch the hearts of many.

The parallel between the world of hip-hop that Virgil Abloh embraced earlier in his life and fashion is undeniable. Like hip-hop, which has democratized creation from pieces of culture and or the solidarity spirit of artists who invite themselves on their respective albums, the designer has multiplied his collaborations with popular brands and personalities he respect. He has notably merged his creations with brands such as Moncler, Converse, Nike, Ikéa, or even with artists such as Takashi Murakami or Carte Höller.

Virgil Abloh was also an artist committed to diversity in the fashion world. This commitment was highlighted during fashion shows such as the men's fall/winter 2021 collection for Louis Vuitton or during the presentation of its spring/summer 2021 collection for Off-White.

He also expressed the desire to help his community through concrete actions, by launching the Postmodern Fund which enabled him to raise several thousand dollars to finance scholarships awarded to young black people who wish to pursue studies in the fashion.

Virgil Abloh has truly been an influential person in all the fields he has touched and paved the way for many people who want to embrace their passion.

His legacy will leave an indelible mark on the fashion world he revolutionized.

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