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At Melissa, we try to always go further by discovering the eco-responsible initiatives of tomorrow.

We know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world.
We are bathed with new collections every week, from fast fashion brands trying somehow to lower prices even if it means reducing the quality of the garment.
Today, these clothes do not last more than 3 weeks and Loom, like other brands, has understood that at this rate the planet will not last.
Born out of a frustration of not finding the sweater that will last a generation: “Initially, we were simply tired of pilling sweaters and t-shirts that deformed. No matter how much we put on our clothes, there was no guarantee of their quality. So we wanted to understand what makes a garment last or not.”

Loom focuses on the longevity of its products. Their way of working is clear: they start by identifying the vulnerable points of a product, in short what makes the consumer end up throwing away his garment very (too) quickly.

They then work with their factories to resolve these detail issues (Example: seam types, zip quality, fiber length etc.). For each weak point, they find a solution and build a first prototype. Then asks for the customer's opinion also to make it as pleasant as possible, all until reaching the perfect product and putting it on sale.

We like their “test and learn” approach and their transparency when talking about their production processes. According to them, everything that does not serve to improve the quality of the clothes is eliminated. Pragmatic perhaps, but sustainable! They even specify on each product how they have improved it compared to the old 'generation'.

They think about the durability of the garment, but it doesn't stop there. Not only is the impact of fast fashion negative for the environment, but also very unethical. The clothes are made in deplorable conditions for the manufacturer who, moreover, is paid with a slingshot.
(That shouldn't be an exception.) But at Loom, the people who make the clothes are as important as the clothes they sell, even the fabrics they use aren't harmful to the makers. “We only work with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, that is to say without chemical compounds that are dangerous for your health and the environment.” !
To talk about the product specifically, Loom offers, at very affordable prices (from 12 to 100€) basics such as sweaters, jeans, t-shirts. All this each time accompanied by a detailed description of the material of the product, the sewing choices, how to take care of it and wash it so that its shape and quality lasts over time.

We love and support this brand that brings great products to the world, but also a great way to educate others with informative and responsible content.

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