Les expos parisiennes à voir en ce moment, c’est par ici !

The Parisian exhibitions to see at the moment, it's here!

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Melissa is the convergence between Fashion, Art and Design . This is why it is important for us to share with you the latest cultural events not to be missed!

  1. Love Brings Love - Alber Elbaz (Palais Galliera) until July 10, 2022

To begin with, the Palais Galliera presents an exhibition in homage to the famous designer Alber Elbaz. Artistic director for Lanvin for fifteen years, then founder of his own brand which he wishes to be open to all, Alber Elbaz has left a lasting mark on the world of fashion and haute couture.

The exhibition recreates the parade of the house Az factory, which he had recently founded, and offers to immerse oneself in this universe by reproducing the order of passage, the effects, the music and the lights which made this evening a single moment. This beautiful exhibition, dynamic and original , makes us discover magnificent models, all very different from each other. The staging and the works chosen together transmit a universal feeling: love is the most beautiful thing!

If there is one thing that makes Paris famous , it is its title of fashion capital . It is therefore only natural that the Palais Galliera, devoted to the art and history of clothing and haute couture, should make people discover the know-how of fashion !

This exhibition reveals both the history of the museum and the evolution of styles. The course is structured chronologically and thematically and allows us to dissect trends through historical pieces but also contemporary creators.

From the flying dress to the creations of Comme des Garçons: the most beautiful pieces of the museum illustrate the history of fashion, from the 18th century to the present day. A total of 350 pieces (clothing, accessories, graphic arts and photographs) await you in this exhibition which promises to be promising!

3. The Dior Gallery

The Galerie Dior reopens its doors, after 2 years of renovations, to the delight of fashion enthusiasts ! This event presents the DNA and heritage of the Dior house and retraces its 75 years of history to make us experience an exceptional period moment.

You will have to climb this dizzying staircase surrounded by 1,500 miniaturized objects from the Dior universe, designed in 3D printing in shades of color, to discover the different collection pieces. Models, original sketches, archival documents, accessories and exceptional pieces await you for the first time!

4. JAM capsule, the immersive cultural experience

For art lovers and lovers of new experiences, come and experience an exceptional moment with the Jam Capsule exhibition at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.

This is the project that is revolutionizing the way of understanding culture with exhibitions to be discovered in 360° sound and visual immersion. The works offered in the form of capsules lasting 50 minutes, embark on the different forms of art, from dance to music, from painting to cinema, from ecology to architecture .

It is a unique immersive experience, which takes the public on an emotionally, bodily and intellectually rich journey.

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