Coperni : Après la mode en Spray, des robots font le show à la Fashion Week de Paris

Coperni: After fashion in Spray, robots make the show at Paris Fashion Week

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The current season has raised high expectations for Coperni Paris, after the brand created a viral moment by showcasing a spray-on dress on Bella Hadid last September. This initiative sparked an unexpected reaction, as artistic director and co-founder Sébastien Meyer explains, from the brand's new 400 m² Paris headquarters, three days from the AW23 show. Coperni saw a significant increase in sales, both in wholesale and e-commerce, where the brand experienced restocking issues. Overnight, the brand gained over 300,000 followers on Instagram, which created technical issues. Despite high demand and industry pressure, the duo of life and work partners, CEO and co-founder Arnaud Vaillant and artistic director Sébastien Meyer, have been hard at work concocting their next collection.

The fashion passed when a dress was sprayed on Bella Hadid right in front of the public? The answer this season was also found by Coperni himself, who once again caused a stir, but this time with robots on the track. How ? You will find out in the following lines.

Coperni designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant turned heads this time by sending a robot down the runway, which led to a showdown between model Rianne Van Rompaey. It was one of five eerily realistic robots built by the American company Boston Dynamics, using a form of artificial intelligence called "mathematical intelligence" that allows it to climb stairs, avoid obstacles and traverse difficult terrain. , according to the company's website.

Robot dogs steal the show in Paris

The two designers based the interaction on The Wolf and the Lamb, by 17th century French author Jean de la Fontaine on the survival of the fittest. The robotic creature leaned on Van Rompuy's face before catching his jacket in its mechanical jaws and ripping it open. Turning her back, she retrieved her jacket before walking away. "We want to show with this show that in the end, we can all live in harmony," Meyer explained backstage.

The robots fascinated and amazed the public, but many wondered who controlled them. At the end of the show, moving robots joined the machines as spectators rushed to take selfies with the robots.

Arnaud Vaillant, the boss of the fashion house Coperni, sponsor of the show, told the Guardian that Boston Dynamics was "the first robot company to sign a pact that it will not supply weapons to robots, and the first to send robots to Ukraine to clean up dangerous bomb sites.

Once again, the set was dominated by a performance - reminiscent of Alexander McQueen's 1998 show featuring model Shalom Harlow and a paint-spraying robot - which was also punctuated by other moments on the social media, including the presence of Aiden Dambryn, the nominated star of a Belgian drama, an Oscar for "Close", who opened the show; Diva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel; And a new rendering of the brand's signature Swipe bag, made from a 55,000-year-old meteorite.

It was evident even in the designs that Maison Coperni relied on technology, as the show featured outfits with prints created using AI DALL-E software that were then painted over by hand. Arnaud Vaillant said: "When we were younger, some people thought of the internet and iPhones as scary things, but we think they are the future. They will never replace the passion for the things we can create as than human beings, but can actually help us move forward faster. We've been playing with that a lot." The AI ​​thing, and we've entered so many different worlds, it's really spurred our creativity."

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