ce que nous décidons de faire pour black friday

what we decide to do for black friday

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Melissa joins the green friday movement and 1% for the planet.

Concretely, this means that we are committed to boycotting Black Friday, by not discounting our products and by donating 10% of our sales made during Black Friday each year, as well as 1% of our annual gross turnover to a cause that is very dear to us.

Being passionate about the sea, our support for the Surfrider Foundation is a natural choice.

To explain, green friday is a project Initiated by the ENVIE network in 2017, Green Friday aims to challenge Black Friday, a commercial tradition from the United States where significant apparent promotions are offered on all types of produced on the last Friday of November.

Green Friday presents itself as an alternative to compulsive consumption, to unnecessary purchases dictated by promotional logic, without making consumers feel guilty but by empowering them and calling on their free will as consumer-actors.

For what?

Black Friday is the symbol of hyperconsumption: citizens are encouraged to consume more than what is useful to them, and satisfy what has become a compulsive need. This behavior involves overproduction of resource-hungry manufactured goods, often non-renewable (such as rare metals), and polluting. Moreover, this race for low prices and other deceptive reductions is an incentive to the least social.

While Black Friday breaks records every year (+33% in turnover between 2016 and 2017), many citizens and businesses rightly question the sustainability and meaning of this model of unbridled consumption. Beyond the one-off fight against Black Friday, it is a question of questioning overconsumption, and allowing citizens to reflect on their lifestyles and consumption.

Now let's talk about Surfrider Foundation

For more than 25 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been protecting, safeguarding and enhancing the oceans and all the people who enjoy them. It acts on a daily basis to fight against damage to the coastal environment and its users.

Surfrider Europe works with all actors in society (citizens, private sector, public sector) on 3 main themes:

Aquatic Waste

Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the biggest dustbin of modern societies: the ocean.

Suffocation of marine mammals, suffocation of the oceans and danger for humans, this pollution has many harmful consequences on the environment. Only a reduction at the source will make it possible to fight sustainably and effectively against this disaster.

Coastal development and climate change
The coastline and the coastline evolve each year with natural phenomena such as erosion or marine submersion. Through its actions, Surfrider Foundation Europe encourages consultation approaches between communities, companies and citizens in order to guarantee development projects that respect the coast and heritage, and are adapted to the challenges of tomorrow.
Water quality
Since 1990, Surfrider Foundation Europe has specialized in the monitoring and analysis of water quality. Committed to a concerted approach with all local players, Surfrider Europe wishes to improve communication related to the results themselves, but also the investigations initiated in the event of the bacteriological thresholds described in the regulations being exceeded. It is also the numerous works carried out in its network of laboratories that allow Surfrider Europe to benefit from advanced expertise.

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