Melissa Punk Love Pump x Jean Paul Gaultier - White


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Experience style innovation with the Melissa Punk Love Pump x Jean Paul Gaultier, the latest alliance between Brazilian shoe brand Melissa and global fashion icon, Jean Paul Gaultier. These high heels embody an unprecedented fusion of romanticism and gothic, punk and 80s elements, creating a unique allure that does not go unnoticed. This new alliance between Melissa and Jean Paul Gaultier strengthens their rich history of collaborations with internationally renowned designers.


The Melissa Punk Love Pump x Jean Paul Gaultier is a heeled sandal that fuses traditional elegance with a punk rock look. Made from premium recyclable Melflex, a signature material of Melissa shoes, this sandal is as eye-catching as it is eco-friendly. It features a chunky mid-rise block heel, creating a feminine and refined silhouette. This shoe is a true masterpiece, with punk details such as studs, buckles and straps adding a rebellious boldness. The cushioning of the insole ensures maximum comfort, allowing them to be worn all day without sacrificing style. The Melissa Punk Love Pump x Jean Paul Gaultier comes in a diverse range of colors, from traditional hues to bolder tones.

The creation of Melflex®

In 1982, Grendene launched the production of Melflex®, a flexible and resistant PVC material that became an immediate success in the Brazilian footwear market.

Melflex® is a tough, flexible and comfortable material that can be molded into different shapes and colors. Also, it is environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled and reused to make new products.

The use of Melflex® in the footwear industry and its impact

Melflex® has become a very popular material in the footwear industry due to its benefits. Melissa, a Brazilian shoe company, is one of the first to use Melflex® to make eco-friendly shoes. Melissa shoes are now sold worldwide.

Melflex® has had a significant impact on the footwear industry. This material has allowed designers to create shoes that are more comfortable, lighter and more durable while reducing environmental impact. Shoes made of Melflex® are also easier to maintain and clean.