The brand

Welcome to Melissa France

Alexandre and Pedro Grendene created the Melissa brand in Brazil in 1979

They are inspired by sailors' shoes worn in France, on the Côte d'Azur. Very quickly the ' Aranha ' model becomes the iconic symbol of the brand and its best seller, a model which, for the record, only takes 26 seconds to make.

Melissa is the convergence between Fashion , Art and Design .

We are certified Vegan , cruelty-free and 100% recyclable thanks to Melflex® , our exclusive and patented material that brings flexibility , comfort and durability to each pair of Melissa .

Our Brand Heritage is intimately linked to our Collaborations

Melissa is also one of the first brands in the world to collaborate with designers . Since 1983, date of the first collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier , Melissa has not stopped innovating in connection with artists, designers, stylists and architects , becoming much more than a shoe brand. For 30 years it is to Edson Matsuo , our creative director, that the brand owes its avant-garde ideas. “Creativity is a collective tool capable of doing what we thought was impossible”. This is his philosophy, summed up in a few words.

New collaboration alert - Melissa & Opening Ceremony

This year we partnered with Opening Ceremony for exclusive designs . As a result, some of Melissa 's classic styles are given a breath of fresh air with an unexpected touch of texture.

The Melissa & Opening Ceremony collaboration shares a fusion of elements across a trio of new styles.

Melissa & Opening Ceremony

Together with the Campana brothers, we present Brazil to the world: Since 2004, we co-create shoes that translate Brazilian inspiration into plastic.

Two iconic names equal one successful collaboration: In 2010, Melissa & Zaha Hadid adapted the world of architecture for your feet.

was one of the first brands to make collections in collaboration with artists . In 1983, we made our first collaboration with the icon Jean-Paul Gaultier , known for his eccentric and avant-garde style .

Our Galerias, the crossroads of Fashion, Art and Design

In 2020 our first gallery, La Galeria Melissa São Paulo celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Our first Galeria Melissa turned 15, reinforcing our pioneering vision of shopping as an experience . Among the many celebrations, we have published a book that tells the story of each of the facades that have transformed our Brazilian flagship into a thing of art .

Galerie Melissa in Sao Paulo is a space where art, fashion and design reside under one roof. With a metaphorical facade, our first store is in the heart of the famous Rue Oscar Freire. There, designers and stylists show that Melissa is more than a shoe . It is a creative expression.

Covent Garden was the area chosen to be our headquarters in London . Inaugurated in 2014, Galerie Melissa London takes a dose of samba and plastic to the city of Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh .

Originally inaugurated in 2012, Galeria Melissa New York was reinvented in 2017 with a new address and an architectural project . His new home is located at 500 Broadway in Soho , full of mirrors and converging lines that create dynamic spatial sensations in a space designed for continuous change, hosting installations and exhibitions .

Melissa was the first Brazilian brand to use merchandising in a television series. To the sound of Frenéticas and at the feet of Júlia (played by Sônia Braga), we immortalized the Melissa + lurex sock combination, a 70s classic.

Cara Delevingne, Chloé Norgaard, Alessandra Ambrósio, Bruna Lombardi and Maitê Proença
. They were all stars of Melissa 's campaigns.

In 2013 Melissa launched an exclusive collection in collaboration with the famous stylist Karl Lagerfeld .

Le Parfum Melissa: our brand signature for 41 years

Their unique fragrance is one of the characteristics of Melissa . It is a memory trigger: the hallmark of childhood and adult life. It's part of the teenage memory of those who grew up associating our shoes with a significant moment in their lives.

The Melissa perfume becomes a reality in partnership with the house of Givaudan , one of the biggest names in the world of perfume .

With a limited edition , the fragrance was released in commemoration of our 30th anniversary, bringing a sweet, fruity scent reminiscent of our plastic.


Plastic meets punk . Since 2008, Melissa & Vivienne Westwood has been democratizing the creations of one of the greatest stylists in the world.

In 2002, Melissa & Romero Britto gave international weight to a super-Brazilian collaboration .

Famous singer Jair Rodrigues gave a voice to the love of plastic in the Melissa Zig Zag campaign.

The book Fifty Shoes That Changed the World , published by the London Museum of Design , quotes two of our models : Melissa Lady Dragon + Vivienne Westwood and Melissa + Zaha Hadid .

The Melissa Top Collection campaign features Claudia Schiffer , one of the legendary catwalk muses of the 90s.

For our 25th anniversary, we take celebration seriously

Plastic.o.rama is a project that brought in the interpretations of 100 people – including stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch and publicist Washington Olivetto – for a Melissa Aranha 79 .

The result became a book and an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.

Plastic Dreams is the materialization of Melissa 's world into a zine. The magazine was released in 2009, in commemoration of 30 years in business.

Our Creative Director

Known for his forward-thinking ideas, Edson Matsuo has been the name behind Melissa for over three decades. '' Design is a collective tool capable of demolishing impossibilities'', he says. This is how Matsuo supports his creations - according to him, modeled on one premise: creative freedom. "It sets the tone for everything in Melissa ."

Brazilian talent

One of Brazil 's youngest and most famous fashion designers joins Melissa 's universe. In collaboration with Vitorino Campos , we have created a collection that is pure truth.

2016: The Year of Melissa + Jeremy Scott

We inaugurated our partnership with one of the biggest names in contemporary fashion . A collaboration where the pop world of this North American fashion designer pushes the concept of plastic to the extreme.

Doors openning

To present Mapping , we opened the doors of our factory in Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará. Amid machines and conveyor belts, we displayed the season's newest pieces at the feet of those who make the Melissas - literally. Our factory workers were the stars of the evening, showing off our SS'18 range in style.

A collection to have and keep

From the union of our 100% recyclable plastic and the vast tradition of British culture comes Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Co. The collab stands out in our history with iconic design bags and the bubblegum scent of Melissa .

Plastic python is the new black

In 2017, we teamed up with New York duo Scott Studenberg and John Targon to create something never before seen with Melissa & Baja East : 100% cruelty-free python texture in our signature plastic.

We are stronger together

A project born with the mission to unite people in co-creation and to listen to more voices in the process.

The Melissa + AWAYTOMARS collaboration transformed the way we innovate by launching three new models at Lisbon Fashion Week .

On the podium with Comme des Garçons

A highlight in our history books: in 2017 we created three exclusive designs for Rei Kawakubo 's iconic brand. Made especially for the S/S '18 season at Paris Fashion Week , two of them were used in the runway.

Creativity connects us

In 2012, Melissa and a group of Rio de Janeiro residents met and the Melissa Creatives project was born. Connecting different creative universes, we transformed a plural world into a new accessory in 2018 with Melissa Wearable - a fanny pack, coin purse and key ring.

A symbol of Milan's culture

10 Corso Como changed Italian fashion forever with their avant-garde designs in the 90s. In 2018, they teamed up with Melissa to make history again.

Five iconic versions were born from the collaboration , all with the exclusive 10 Corso Como print.

The fashion of tomorrow, now

On the PFW 2018 podium, we sealed another collaboration .

Marine Serre combines radically different references to shape her hardcore couture . Alongside us, she co-creates a revolutionary and intense version of She .

Stir up memories. sketching the future

Different moments and looks come together to celebrate 90 years of a universal icon.

In 2018, the Melissa/Mickey collaboration blends Disney whimsy with mobile street style with a timeless transformative essence.

Unveiling of multiculturalism

We're celebrating the kawaii attitude in a collaboration that goes way beyond "aww, how cute."

Melissa/Hello Kitty conveys a culture that has interwoven concepts, generations, and even styles .

Always looking for new creative and collaborative visions

The Melissa/Next project gave emerging designers from the UK a chance to compete for a collaboration with Melissa .

After over 170 submissions and 5,000 votes, Revolution & Fiorella Gianini was born. The shape is inspired by the feeling of liberation from the 60s and the pattern comes from the winning artist herself.

Reimagining what we want to be

Meeting with the Brazilian designers Alexandre Herchcovitch and Fabio Souza to change the meaning of things.

À La Garçonne connects Melissa 's fashion history to their unique sense of style .

In 2018/19, we walked together to showcase the releases of our Melissa / À La Garçonne collaboration.

make connections

The Melissa/Rider collaboration embraces SS'19. The new Papete and Slide models combine inspirations in pure street effervescence.

We brought together three names that represent a whole generation of Brazilian music: Ludmilla, Duda Beat and Hiran to recreate a piece of Ludmilla and make Melissa / Rider a hit.

Jelly shoes are back

Possession originally launched in 1997 and proved to be an instant hit.

For its return in 2019, our most iconic design got a new color range , an expanded size and something we're so proud to share: Possession is now officially registered as vegan by The Vegan Society , the world's first dedicated to the vegan lifestyle .

Updated a cult favorite to celebrate the home of our Galerias

Melissa 's partnership with designer Patrick Cox set the trend in 96' with a transparent liquid-filled heel that included a miniature Eiffel Tower .

Revisited, the Melissa & Patrick Cox collaboration is back in full force for 2019. The heel now features symbols of the cities that host a Galeria Melissa : the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London , and metallic hearts honoring São Paulo , the city where our heart lives.

A re-reading of the best models of the 90s

The late 90s was a watershed time for Melissa . We had a strong comeback, allied to the disruptive posture that fashion was pushing forward.

Years later, we created Model , a reissue of the TOP collection that revives the successes of the past with a current and minimalist look .

Welcome back Star In love

GET YOUR POP DIVA : Colorful nostalgia is here to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Star In Love , a moonlit platform like sneaker has all the nostalgic colors and touches you can manage.