Environmentally friendly

Sustainable Development at Melissa

Melissa innovates every day for more eco-responsibility.

Minimizing the environmental impact is a priority for the brand.

We have already reduced our water consumption by 31% per year (which corresponds to 161 Olympic swimming pools) and all our factories are in the process of being equipped with solar panels .

Today, our products are made with 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable .

Our brand is setting up a system for collecting used shoes in our stores in order to reduce our waste and recycle shoes.

Our products have been certified Vegan since 2019, which guarantees that no animals were included in the production of this product.

All the paper used for the packaging is FSC certified , therefore having no negative impact on the forests .

Our engagements

We are proud to join the movements green friday as well as 1% for the planet .

Concretely, we are committed to boycotting Black Friday, by not discounting our products and by donating 10% of our sales made during  black friday every year, to a cause that is very dear to us.

With 1% for the planet , we are committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to accredited associations campaigning for the protection of the planet.


As part of its sustainable development policy , the Grendene Group is implementing various actions, some already operational, others in the process of being deployed. They all participate in the general effort for a better future.

Grendene supports the initiatives of the Program around the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs defined by UNESCO :

. Health and well-being for all

. Quality education for all

. Gender equality

. Drinking water for all

. Affordable and clean energy

. Labor and economic growth

. Innovation and industry infrastructure

. Responsible consumption and production

How are these initiatives actually deployed?

Grendene acts in three directions: its people, its business operations and its products .

Valuing and respecting Melissa 's employees is part of its ethics charter . Our brand is committed to ensuring that health and well-being are taken into consideration and that programs are designed and respected to value each employee and provide them with the appropriate professional training .

Corporate Responsibility

. 7000 people follow an educational program at Grendene University.

. Green operations are carried out, such as the construction and use of a solar energy system in the state of Ceara in the northeast of Brazil, in order to reduce our environmental impact.

. 1,810 MWh - of renewable energy is generated each year.

. 992 tonnes of carbon emissions have been avoided to date.

MELFLEX® - Our patented 100% Recyclable Raw Material

We support the global fight against the uncontrolled use of single-use plastic (straws, bags and bottles).

The impossibility of recycling this plastic is indeed a serious factor of pollution.

This is not the case for Melissa : our products are designed to be durable and reused many times over.

Worn out, your Melissa shoes can be exchanged , or donated for recycling since they are made from 100% recyclable material.