Une robe Jean Paul Gaultier pour votre soirée

A Jean Paul Gaultier dress for your evening

Posted by Melissa France on

Clothing rental is booming! In recent months, several major brands such as Maje , Isabel Marant and Ralph Lauren have started to offer us solutions that allow us to better consume fashion and limit their impact on the planet. Among these solutions, there are the second hand or the rental of clothing.

So today, we invite you to be stylish with a haute couture piece at a reasonable price! Cap or no cap?

Well… Yes, it is possible! Impossible is not the fashion and it is not  Jean Paul Gaultier who will tell us the opposite.

With his 50-year career, Jean Paul Gautier, alias L'Enfant terrible de la mode , continues to make us dream, by launching a rental service since Wednesday October 27, 2021.

"La Maison Jean Paul Gautier offers you the rental of iconic outfits for your events" - can we read on the new page of its e-shop .

Thus, among the 30,000 archives of the couturier, one can rent a hundred of his most emblematic pieces, including the caged dress or the irresistible bra in the shape of a cone like Madonna. Enough to be the queen of the evening or even steal the show!

Moreover, beyond the fact that it is better to be able to rent your evening wear than to buy them on fast-fashion sites and let them sleep in the back of the closet, the idea is all the more attractive because it allows the brand to adapt its panoply of offers to what is most in demand and trendy on the vintage market.

A win-win solution, where fashion addicts can wear limited edition haute couture pieces at affordable prices (between €150 and €700), and change their wardrobe more often without further polluting the planet.

So what are we waiting for? LET’S PARTY !

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