TBT : L'explosion de couleur de la collaboration Melissa X Simon Miller

TBT: The explosion of color from the Melissa X Simon Miller collaboration

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Today we are taking a moment to talk about a particularly striking collaboration in the world of fashion which has managed to combine creativity, innovation and minimalism in an original way. Let's take a look in the rearview mirror to rediscover the alliance of Brazilian brand Melissa and Los Angeles-based label Simon Miller . A nine-piece collection launched in March 2022 that shook the shoe industry.

Melissa: A story of creativity and innovation

Melissa is a brand that has never ceased to amaze with its creativity. The brand has gained global recognition through its use of sustainably produced recyclable materials. Its collaborations are the very essence of its DNA, always seeking fruitful encounters with innovators from diverse fields, ranging from fashion to art and architecture.

The brand is best known for its flagship product: jelly shoes, more commonly known as " Real Jelly Shoes ". These shoes, which were all the rage in the 90s, brought a breath of fresh air to the world of fashion, combining style and comfort in a completely new way. It is this same desire for innovation that has been the common thread of all the brand's collections, including that produced in collaboration with Simon Miller.

Among Melissa's iconic creations are "slides" and clogs, shoes that are both comfortable and trendy, which perfectly reflect the brand's identity: a clever mix of daring, joy and technology. Each Melissa collection is an invitation to a sensory and visual journey, with ever more creative designs, vibrant colors and assertive shapes.

Simon Miller: a playful vision of classic luxury

Simon Miller is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that offers a playful take on classic luxury. Under the creative direction of Chelsea Hansford, the brand brought an air of lightness and joyful luxury to the collaboration. The models shone with their creativity, mixing eccentric leathers, clogs with thick soles, platforms and ribbed knit basics.

A brand known for its colorful and relaxed minimalism, met the joyful and technologically innovative universe of Melissa to give birth to an exclusive capsule. The union of the two brands has brought to life rich, bold designs, an exploration of statement shapes and the bold application of vibrant graphics and colors.

Melissa X Simon Miller

The Melissa x Simon Miller collection perfectly illustrated the creative spirit. Each piece, from the bubble clog to the Cloud slides, was designed to combine Melissa's joyful aesthetic with Simon Miller's minimalist vision. The result is a range of shoes featuring bright colors, bold shapes and rich designs, offering a new perspective on footwear aesthetics.

The highlight of this fusion is the bubble clog, available in five colors: green, blue, brown, white and black. These clogs have quickly become the spring/summer wardrobe staple of the year. The collection also includes four pairs of Melissa x Simon Miller Cloud "slides", in three distinct patterns: the Simon Miller logo in two colorways, a floral pattern and a cow pattern. A true hymn to summer!

But, the charm of this collection does not stop there. To celebrate this collaboration, Galleria Melissa NY, located at 500 Broadway in Soho, New York, offered an immersive installation. This space allowed customers to fully immerse themselves in the world of the Melissa x Simon Miller collaboration, a unique and stimulating sensory experience.

This Melissa x Simon Miller collaboration left its mark with its innovative spirit, creativity and original approach to minimalism. It's a great example of how two brands can join forces to push the boundaries of fashion design, while remaining true to their respective identities.


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