Retour sur une Collaboration Iconique : Zaha Hadid x Melissa – Quand l'Architecture Rencontre la Mode

A look back at an Iconic Collaboration: Zaha Hadid x Melissa – When Architecture Meets Fashion

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We're back for another edition of Throwback Thursday. Today we're going to take a little trip back in time to talk about a memorable collaboration between Melissa Shoes and famed Iraqi-British architect, Zaha Hadid .

Zaha Hadid: an avant-garde architect

Born in Iraq in 1950, Zaha Hadid was one of the most innovative and influential architects of the 21st century. His bold approach to architecture, marked by futuristic and unique designs, challenged the conventional norms of his day. His fabulously designed and breathtaking buildings were unusual for their time, making his work all the more remarkable.

Zaha Hadid is recognized for her fascinating modernity, visible in her curves, the materials she has used and the lightness of her creations. She has made deconstructivist architecture – a movement that embraces anarchy, empiricism and the irrational – her trademark.

Zaha Hadid is also the first woman to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, further proof of her talent and influence in the field of architecture.

Zaha Hadid and fashion: a story of successful collaborations

Throughout her career, Zaha Hadid has collaborated with major luxury and streetwear brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Adidas & Pharrell Williams, Fendi, Lacoste, and of course, Melissa.

Zaha Hadid x Melissa: an iconic collaboration

The collaboration between Melissa and Zaha Hadid began in 2010. The fruit of their labor gave birth to a pair of ultra modern, refined and futuristic women's pumps. This collaboration, which has been praised by the famous VOGUE magazine, is without a doubt iconic.

These shoes adapt perfectly to the movements and shape of the foot thanks to their careful design. They were available in eight different colors, namely black, silver, purple, white, red, yellow, green and blue.

The fluidity of Zaha Hadid's design matched perfectly with Melissa's plastic injection technologies, allowing the creation of a model without any seams. This perfect union of technical innovation and artistic creativity has resulted in a shoe that defies convention while remaining comfortable and stylish.

Zaha Hadid: An Enduring Influence

Despite her passing in 2016, Zaha Hadid's influence continues to impact the world of architecture and beyond. His unique vision defined a new and distinctive style, which continues to inspire designers and innovators around the world. His audacity and his desire to explore new forms and new ideas are reflected in his creations, which are as much works of art as they are functional buildings.

Melissa technology at the service of Zaha Hadid's vision

As Zaha Hadid herself pointed out, the fluidity of her designs was a perfect match for Melissa's plastic injection technology. The collaboration between these two creative forces has resulted in a shoe model without any seams, presenting soft curves that follow the shape of the foot, while offering a modern and futuristic look.

Zaha Hadid x Melissa pumps: a timeless design

The pumps born from the collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Melissa are a true tribute to the vision of the architect. The fluid and futuristic aspect of these shoes, available in eight different colors, perfectly reflects the avant-garde aesthetic of Zaha Hadid. With their innovative design and unparalleled comfort, these shoes represent a bold choice for the modern and elegant woman.

An inspiring example of innovation and collaboration

The collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Melissa is a perfect example of the union of innovation and creativity. Their joint work has resulted in a shoe that defies traditional norms while offering comfort and style. It's a testament to Zaha Hadid's exceptional talent and Melissa's commitment to pushing the boundaries of shoe design.

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At Melissa, we pride ourselves on collaborating with talented artists and designers to create footwear that pushes the boundaries of design and innovation. Whether working with iconic figures like Zaha Hadid or exploring new ideas with emerging talent, our mission is to deliver footwear that embodies boldness, innovation and style. Come and discover our collections on to learn more about our past and current collaborations.

Overall, the collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Melissa is a shining example of what can be achieved when two creative minds join forces to push the boundaries of innovation. It is a reminder of the importance of audacity, originality and the spirit of adventure in the world of creation. We look forward to seeing what exciting new collaborations the future holds.


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