Retour sur la collaboration emblématique entre Melissa Shoes et Thierry Mugler

A look back at the iconic collaboration between Melissa Shoes and Thierry Mugler

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In this new episode of Throwback Thursday, let's dive into the fascinating world of the spectacular collaboration between Melissa Shoes and the famous French designer, Thierry Mugler .

Thierry Mugler: A bold designer

Thierry Mugler, an emblematic figure of fashion, is known for his daring creations mixing science fiction, surrealism and femininity. His fashion shows, comparable to real shows, made an impression thanks to the originality of his pieces and his unique approach to design. Mugler has established himself as a true visionary by constantly pushing the limits of fashion and playing on the codes of glamor and provocation.

Melissa Shoes: An innovative and avant-garde brand

Melissa , the Brazilian brand renowned for its innovative design and sustainable materials, is in constant search of creative and avant-garde associations. Melissa has already collaborated with big names in fashion such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld, to name a few. The brand is distinguished by its unique use of plastic, which makes it possible to create shoes that are comfortable, ecological and aesthetic at the same time.

The explosive encounter: Apollo, the unique ballerinas

In 1983, an explosive encounter took place between Melissa, the innovative and avant-garde brand, and Thierry Mugler, the creative genius. The result was breathtaking: the birth of the Apollo ballerinas. Inspired by space travel and the futuristic imagination, these shoes have marked their era and have become a true symbol of the alliance between creativity and innovation.

These open ballet flats perfectly reflect the creative spirit of Thierry Mugler with their shiny finish and extravagant design. They also symbolize Melissa's commitment to innovation and creativity. It is even said that "when you wear them, you can run 100 miles per hour". 🏃‍♀️

Luxury and accessibility: a trendy and modern shoe

This creation embodies Thierry Mugler's signature luxury and Melissa's avant-garde vision. Together, they succeeded in creating an accessible, trendy and modern shoe. Their association has made it possible to reinvent fashion codes by offering creations accessible to the general public, while maintaining the prestige and aura of luxury.

The collaboration between Melissa and Thierry Mugler has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts with this pair of innovative plastic shoes, which has even been praised by Forbes. Their joint success demonstrates that the meeting of different universes can generate innovative and striking projects.

A successful alliance between creativity and innovation

this episode of Throwback Thursday demonstrates that collaborations between designers and brands can lead to unique and striking creations. They represent a real asset for the fashion industry, promoting the emergence of new trends and new visions of luxury and modernity. The collaboration between Melissa and Thierry Mugler is a perfect example of the successful union between the creativity of a great designer and the innovation of a visionary brand. They were able to create a bold and surprising pair of shoes, which continue to inspire today's fashion. This alliance demonstrates the importance of collaboration between talents from different fields to push the boundaries of art and fashion.

Coming soon: Other exceptional collaborations

In future articles in our Throwback Thursday series, we'll continue to explore Melissa Shoes' most notable collaborations with renowned designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott and many more.

Stay tuned every Thursday to go behind the scenes of these unique projects and learn more about the history of these exceptional collaborations. Don't miss our next episodes!


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