Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld

When two fashion icons collide: the Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration

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In the world of fashion, certain collaborations mark the spirits and remain engraved in the memories. In this article, we're going to dive into one of the most iconic collaborations: that between Melissa Shoes and the legendary Karl Lagerfeld .

Karl Lagerfeld, born in 1933 and died in 2019 , was a key figure in the fashion world. Designer, photographer, draftsman, editor and director, Lagerfeld made his mark on the industry by working for houses such as Fendi , Chanel and the brand that bears his name. He had been spotted by Pierre Balmain and had risen through the ranks to become artistic director of couturier Jean Patou.

For its part, Melissa Shoes , the Brazilian brand renowned for its innovative design, is in constant search of creative and avant-garde associations. Melissa has previously collaborated with big names in fashion such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood , to name a few.

It was in 2013 that Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld decided to join forces to create a unique and daring collection. Karl Lagerfeld, intrigued by Melissa's manufacturing techniques and PVC material, said: “I was really intrigued by Melissa's techniques. It was fun to create from this material. Also Melissa's perfume!"

The collection resulting from this collaboration included four pairs of shoes for the city and evenings.

L'Incensé: high-heeled pumps decorated with an ice cream cone.

melissa x karl

The Melissima : wedge pumps with small heels.

melissa x karl

The Ginga: shoes with heels.

melissa x karl

The Glam model : a ballerina shoe.

cara deleving x karl lagerfeld

These models were offered in several colors, in order to satisfy everyone's tastes. The fusion of Lagerfeld's avant-garde style and Melissa's innovative materials has resulted in iconic shoes that have made an impression.

The Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration is a perfect example of the successful alliance between two iconic brands that share a common vision: to push the boundaries of creation and innovation.

This unique collaboration not only succeeded in attracting the attention of fashion lovers, but also showed that luxury and accessibility can coexist. The ultra-comfortable Melissa shoes are a living testimony to the brand's philosophy: to combine style and creativity.

The association between Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld will undoubtedly go down as a defining moment in fashion history. By combining Lagerfeld's creative genius and Melissa's innovative spirit, this collaboration succeeded in creating unique and memorable pieces that continue to inspire fashion today.

Met Gala 2023: A tribute to Karl

This year, at the prestigious 2023 Met Gala event, the theme was dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld , paying homage to his immeasurable influence and legacy in the fashion world. Celebrities sported spectacular outfits inspired by Lagerfeld's work, once again highlighting the designer's impact on the industry. Colors such as black and white and jewels such as pearls dominated the evening's looks, similar to the well-known classic "Chanel" palette.

A slew of celebrities made a point of attending the ceremony, including American reality TV star Kim Kardashian , who wore a " Schiaparelli " dress, covered in 50,000 hand-slung beads wrapped around her body. During interviews with "Vogue" magazine, she revealed that she worked with Daniel Roseberry on the design of the dress, which features rolled beads along the bodice and skirt, with a sheer body in underneath, and Kim completed her look with a chunky necklace, three-dimensional white and pink coat, and '90s-inspired hairstyle.

Model Kendall Jenner wore a black sequined Marc Jacobs jumpsuit with long sleeves and her sister, model Kylie Jenner , wore a long red dress with a knee-high slit.

The Kardashians at the 2023 Met Gala

Gisele wore an elegant white dress, with a feather coat, designed by "Chanel", which she had already worn at the inauguration of the Met Gala with late designer Karl Lagerfeld in previous years.

Rihanna attended with her boyfriend, singer A$AP Rocky ; who are expecting their second child, wore a three-dimensional white and pink coat with a hood, which she pulled tight over her head; she wore sunglasses and during the evening she took off her coat to reveal a white dress showing her pregnancy.

These flamboyant outfits bring us back to the very essence of our subject: the collaboration between Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld. This prestigious event highlights the power of creative associations and the importance of innovation in fashion. The Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration perfectly embodies this achievement, combining the best of both brands to offer fashion lovers unique, daring and avant-garde pieces. This association will forever remain engraved in the annals of fashion and will continue to inspire designers and future generations.

With this iconic collaboration in mind, we look forward to the next creative and innovative pairings between Melissa and other big names in fashion. There is no doubt that these future collaborations will continue to push the limits of innovation while offering unique designs accessible to all.


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