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You may know it, but 4% of the drinking water available in the world is used to produce our clothes : a T-shirt is made with the equivalent of 70 showers and for jeans, we are talking about 285 showers , which represents 7,000 to 10,000 liters of water . Suffice to say that, at Melissa, we are fond of an alternative to that.

We discovered MUD Jeans . MUD Jeans is a denim brand applying a circular production model. Customers can rent or buy MUD jeans and return them for recycling into new denim products. MUD also offers a free repair service.

How it works ?

When customers are no longer wearing their jeans, they can send them back to MUD. Consumers get a discount on a new pair when they return an old pair. Non-MUD jeans are also accepted, the only condition being that the jeans must be at least 96% cotton .

Quality Control

When returning old jeans (MUD) to the company, a little quality control is carried out: if they are still in good condition, they get a second life thanks to the vintage program of MUD. If they are irreparably worn or from another brand, the jeans are mechanically recycled in MUD's recycling plant.

Organic fibers

The fibers then go back to MUD's fabric manufacturer, Tejidos Royo . The fibers are blended with GOTS certified organic cotton and yarn is spun from it. The yarns are dyed and woven into fabric. The resulting fabrics contain between 23 and 40% post-consumer recycled cotton fibers .

The fabrics are taken to MUD's jeans manufacturer, Yousstex International, where they are cut, sewn into jeans and washed.

MUD products are easily recyclable . They contain between 23 and 40% post-consumer recycled cotton, supplemented with GOTS (Global Organic Text Standard) cotton. Circular production techniques are used throughout the supply chain.


MUD jeans are not 'washed', but techniques such as laser and ozone are used to minimize water consumption. The indigo dye is Cradle 2 Cradle certified.

78% water and 61% CO2 equivalent per jean is saved compared to industry standards. This has enabled MUD to save 300 million liters of water and avoid the emission of 700,000 kilos of CO2 over the past 3 years, we love it!

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