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“Wednesday” or “Wednesday”: The new series that is a hit on Netflix

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In ten days, the new series on “The Addams Family” became the big star of the Netflix platform, breaking the viewing record for the series Stranger Things.

For less than two weeks, the Netflix platform has released the series “Wednesday Adams” or in French “ Mercredi Addams ”, the series was broadcast at the end of November. Although her broadcast coincided with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, she was able to rank first in the global viewing list on the American platform and in several European countries.

The launch of the Wednesday Series

There was great fear among horror movie followers and fans, especially fans of the " Adams Family " series, before the launch of "Wednesday Adams" for several reasons. The series does not focus on the whole "Addams Family", as is the case in the films and series released in the 90s, mainly after the success of the film "The Addams Family" (1991), but does not highlight before a single character, the eldest daughter of the family, "Wednesday", to portray her adventures at her new school, and her vicissitudes of teenage love. In addition, fans of the series have not accepted the exclusion of actress Christina Ricci from the role of "Wednesday", after having played her in all the previous films of "Adams Family".

The characters of the series “Wednesday”

The show's previous critical posts often prompted its creators to announce the participation of Christina Ricci . The announcement was also accompanied by requests from the public, via social media, for Richie to play the character "Mortesia Adam" (Wednesday's mother). However, in the end, Richie played a central character in the story and a peripheral character in the appearance, since she embodied the character of the teacher "Marilyn", one of the Anti-Hero parts of the film.
On the other hand, casting actress Jenna Ortega to play the character "Wednesday" seemed perfect, as she mastered it and added a special spirit to it while preserving its basic traits.

Wednesday: Tim Burton's stroke of genius

In his new production, “Wednesday”, Tim Burton , has chosen an atmosphere of fantasy and adventure that is similar to what we used to see in the "Harry Potter" film series, since the events of the series take place inside a school for people with supernatural abilities, which is somewhat similar to the school of wizards in "Harry Potter", notably the network of relationships that governs the drama and which seemed to be intertwined between students and teachers. However, the difference is that "Wednesday Adams" is more fun, as the heroine of the series has a sense of humor that makes her criticize and ridicule the illogical and dramatic things she is exposed to, adding a sense of comedy to the series.
What most distinguishes the series is the contradiction that characterizes the dark and pessimistic personality of the heroine, who claims dullness of feelings and indifference in every little situation in which she appears, but the main line on which she walks and control her actions shows the opposite, what drives her to embark on her adventure and search for the monster that caused the murder of a person before her eyes, is to protect her friends and her fear that the prophecy will come true and causes the destruction of the school.

Wednesday Addams

The costumes of the characters in the series Wednesday Adams

If anyone is up to the daunting task of updating the fashion of such an iconic character, it's Colleen Atwood . The Oscar-winning costume designer, whose credits include 'Chicago', 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street', has brought together a mix of the spooky, goofy and mysterious, all together for the Netflix's "Wednesday" series.
"With Wednesday, you can immediately nail the iconic look with the original pointed collar, the little printed dress and the modernized platform shoes, then put it in an environment with which it totally contrasts: an American public school happy-time, Atwood tells Variety of his reverence for the ghoulish teenager's quirky outfit.
Wednesday's fashion couldn't be more different from her roommate, a bubbly blonde with an affinity for rainbow colors. "Enid" Emma Myers is the epitome of everything Wednesday hates: girly color, full of gossip," says Atwood.
Another character Wednesday clashes with is mystery lead Gwendoline Christie , who features the character of Larissa Weems. Her outfits were mostly inspired by a Hitchcock fashion classic.
Weems' button-up wardrobe contrasted with another Nevermore staffer. Christina Ricci returned to the "Addams Family" universe as the only "normal" teacher at the academy, having a style of quirky vintage mixed with new things childish in her tastes and style.

Wednesday Adams in Melissa Shoes

Having very different clothing styles, the costumes of the characters from the “Wednesday” series can be perfectly associated with our Melissa shoes.
With Cosmo ankle boots or Shifter loafers , “Wednesday” outfits will shine with a thousand lights. For “Enid” outfits, closed shoes like Melissa's lilac-colored Bass or Nancy Boot in lilac too.

wednesday adams

After the success on Netflix, “Wednesday” makes the buzz on TikTok

After the success that the series “Wednesday” or “Wednesday” in English made the Netflix platform, the turn comes to the social network TikTok. After a dance choreography performed by Jenna Ortega on TikTok, the content creators are seen imitating Wednesday Addams' dance moves on their own.
The dance comes from episode 4 of the series, "Woe What a Night". In the episode, Wednesday and her love interest “Tyler” the role played by actor Hunter Doohan attend a local dance. Or we see “Wednesday” starting to strut. She begins to dance to the music, flailing wildly and creepily with all the grace and flexibility of a newly stiffened corpse.

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