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No longer any doubt, the machine towards a more responsible and circular fashion industry is launched! A real big step forward that two Parisian department stores have taken for the industry and which are accompanying us towards a mode of consumption that makes more sense.

Printemps Haussmann: The 7th Heaven of responsible and vintage fashion

After months of work, the 7th floor of Printemps boulevard Haussmann is reopening its doors, offering us an entire floor dedicated to luxury and designer second-hand, circularity and vintage.

Under the Binet dome, inaccessible since 1960, you can find brands that have the particularity of being involved in an upcycling, art-cycling approach or even others that are dedicated to repair or personalization.

Also, in Le 7eCiel du Printemps, there is a vintage luxury and designer space with a selection signed by the expert Marie Blanchet , whose iconic and timeless pieces have been sourced around the world.

Finally, the Second Printemps, a repurchase service with expertise, takes back the pieces that are no longer worn and will find a new life on the racks of the Pont d'Argent before being in the hands of the new fashion addict, and will be transformed into voucher for the previous owner.

This place is already iconic for its location in the heart of Paris, its history and its decor enhanced by the works of Charles Kaisin , Romain Froquet and Atelier Laps .

Galeries LaFayette Haussmann (Re)Store fashion

On the 3rd floor of one of the favorite shopping places on Boulevard Haussmann, is now located the (RE)STORE GALERIES LAFAYETTE . It is a 500m2 space that highlights players in circular fashion and second-hand sales, ranging from affordable to luxury.

Currently, the (Re)Store has 7 essential second-hand and vintage partners.

Among these 7 partners, there are consignment players such as Personal Seller Paris or Entremains . Also, in luxury and vintage for those looking for rare pieces, partners such as Monogram , Crush On or Culture Vintage , will help to find happiness at the heart of the circular economy experience!

To complete this superb space, Le (Re)Store also highlights new pieces from upcycling brands, created in short series, or from scrap fabrics. Among others, we find Maison Flore , Marianna Ladreyt , Lila Landeghem or Rusmin , brands with responsible and circular labels, to create a stylish wardrobe!

Finally, a drugstore is also present, to offer us lifestyle items that will help us adopt responsible gestures in daily life.


So, no more excuses, here we are in the world of tomorrow!


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