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Bottega Veneta: The Come Stai chairs? at the contemporary art fair Art Basel

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Part of the Kering group, Bottega Veneta is a luxury brand known for its timeless and unique creations, mainly its famous leather creations.

Bottega Veneta, the luxury Italian brand, is world famous for its leather goods industry. Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 by Michele Tadi and Renzo Zinghiaro, and means "Venetian artisan" in Italian, as it began with the production of traditional leather goods. Later, craftsmen developed a special leather weaving technique, called “intrecciato” , which still has its own hallmark. Over time, the level of production progressed to become, in the early eighties, one of the world's favorites.

The Bottega Veneta collection for the spring 2023 season

In his first collection, for the brand "Bottega Veneta", the Franco-Belgian designer, Matthew Blaisy, presents wearable fashion, and wins the bet to enrich the wardrobe of women and men with unique pieces. The new creative director managed to produce a variety of practical and casual looks, and others for special occasions and evenings, he also used models of different ages and sizes, including veteran model Kate Moss with a casual and chic opening look, consisting of a "flannel" shirt and wide pants, in which she looked very Comfortable.

The ingenuity of expression appeared through fabrics that were combined with high technology, and emerged in a dynamic "look", which one might think of as denim or "flannel" and cotton , but it's all leather, and therein lies the abstaining ease.

Bottega veneta collection

In this rich and far from stereotypical group, we saw comfortable plaid shirts with wide trousers, fur coats over denim skirts coordinated with cotton tops, multicolored leather coats, trench coats over a leather pants, leather midi skirts with casual shirts and elegant practical suits. Depending on the designs, colors, materials and accessories, the magnificent Bottega Veneta bags come in large sizes and innovative details, whether in leather or in the fabrics of the collection, and some of them are decorated floral units and pompoms. As for the shoes, they come in several colors, shapes and models, and some of them are distinguished by tapered tips and innovative heels. It varied between sandals, platforms, transparent white ballet flats attached to the uniform, boots and others.

The Come Stai? by Bottega Veneta already on sale

chair come stai?

During the launch in the spring 2023 collection, in addition to the collection that caught the attention of the spectators, the decor, the runway and the chairs in turn shared the lights with the parade, designed by the artist and architect of renowned Gaetano Pesce , a pastel river surrounded by resin chairs in the same colors as the catwalk of the show. The collection is aptly called Come stai ?—Italian for "how are you?", and is now available for sale on Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta's website. These chairs will also be presented at the contemporary art fair Art Basel from November 30 to December 4 in Miami. A selection of cotton designer pieces dipped in resin, as well as a limited edition book will be presented during the event entitled Come Stai?

kate moss

A new sustainable project fully validated for the Italian brand Bottega Veneta

Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta recently announced a unique service, granting a "Certificate of Craftsmanship" as a lifetime guarantee on its bags.

The house was inspired by the commitment to exceptional materials and the preservation of excellence, to promote the free maintenance service of its high quality bags. In this service, Bottega Veneta offers unlimited upgrade and repair on its premium bags.

bottega veneta bag

The house said in a press release: "The certificate of craftsmanship was born from our desire to provide our customers with distinguished service over the long term".

For his part, the CEO of Bottega Veneta, Liu Ronjun, confirmed that through the artisanal certification, Bottega Veneta aims to further encourage the generational wearing of its products.

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