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This Friday the 26th, unless you hide in the sand, you will surely hear about Black Friday. We all know it this Black Friday, and we have probably already participated in it one day, this day made up of discounts and promotions which encourages us to over-consume and buy more than necessary.

To go against this unbridled shopping movement, initiatives like Blue Friday aim to raise awareness of the effects of our consumption on the planet and to take concrete action for it.

Blue Friday, consume less but better

Remember, every year, 10 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans, which therefore impacts its ecosystem and, by snowball effect, will have an impact on our health.

So, indeed, a day of Black Friday will lead to excessive and unnecessary overconsumption, which will then pollute the oceans.

Thus, on the occasion of Blue Friday, 1% For the planet invites member companies of the association, of which Melissa is a member , to put their social networks in the colors of the collective to promote our commitment to the planet.

By joining this movement, we take advantage of the visibility offered by this day to support causes that help preserve the planet.

Instead of excessive consumption, Blue Friday offers consumption that makes sense: rather than buying personal comforts, why not do something for nature or support associations and companies that work for consumption practices? more sustainable for the planet.

Get involved with 1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet is the only international collective bringing together philanthropic companies involved in the protection of the environment. This association also brings together individuals and associations committed to deep convictions and common values, according to which strength lies in the uniqueness of each stakeholder in the communities they stimulate. Member companies believe that they have a role to play in the fight against climate change, the erosion of biodiversity or other environmental issues. Thus, they undertake to donate 1% of their net turnover to environmental associations.

Feel free to join the movement and share it!

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