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Black Friday: The unmissable sales day for many of us

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Black Friday, as it is known around the world, is the last Friday of November, it comes right after Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.

The real story of Black Friday

Historically, Black Friday was linked to the economic crisis and financial conditions that arose in America in 1869, when two coin holders attempted to limit the country's gold market at the New York Gold Exchange by buying as much of the precious metal as possible. Intending to raise prices to Standard's level, but the intervention of Chairman Ulysses Grant thwarted their plan and the stock market crashed instantly, bankrupting thousands of Americans.
After that, the buying and selling state stopped and the goods became unused. What prompted the state announced deep discounts on goods and products, and so this tradition continued. Discount offers on this day range from 20% to 90% .

Black Friday shopping stats

The numbers included in the Black Friday shopping stats indicate that this is a vital shopping season, one that grabs the attention of everyone who trades on the internet. According to well-known comparison site Finder, total Black Friday spending in 2018 was over $90 billion, an average of $483 per capita. In the UK, fourth quarter sales represent more than a quarter of annual sales; Specifically, 30% of turnover.

Why the color black?

The origin of choosing the color black as the nickname for this day dates back to 1960 when the Philadelphia City Police started the color due to traffic congestion and human clutter on the streets and stores where the queues reach an unprecedented huge number, except for this day, which causes total chaos and madness of the American people rushing to buy the largest possible quantities of goods due to therefore the color black indicates total chaos everywhere that day.
Black Friday or Black Friday is not only approved in the United States, but the principle has spread all over the world, such as Europe and South America, and has reached the Arab world in electronic stores and electronic services, such as selling domains, hosting and servers, selling clothes online and others.

The essential brands of Black Friday 2022

This year, Black Friday coincides with the date of November 25, a date that many people have been waiting for months to take advantage of the various discounts offered by brands.

Some brands are unavoidable on Black Friday. These are the brands that offer the best prices and the best promotions. Among these, we find: Veepee, Zalondo, Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty, Marionnaud, La Redoute and many others. These are the essential brands where everyone can have fun!

green friday

Green Friday: the new eco-responsible Black Friday

Green Friday is a day that aims to encourage consumers to eco-responsible consumption, initiated by the Envie network in 2017, Green Friday takes place on the last Friday of November each year. Unlike Black Friday which encourages excessive consumption, this eco-responsible day aims to promote "slow" parties engaged in recycling. Small shops, craft gifts or flea markets, simply recommend not to consume it that day, simply because everything is so cheap. You tend to buy a lot of things you don't really need, and eventually a lot of the things you buy end up in the closet.
We must realize that we only have one planet and natural resources are limited. That is why we work to protect the environment and reduce the waste generated that ends up polluting and depleting raw materials.

Less consumption

There are other initiatives like Ecoalf, a leading company that supports sustainable fashion. It is about not participating in Black Friday, even if this day can bring you significant additional income. The levels of production and consumption that humans are currently facing have irreversible consequences. Each year, more than 150,000 million items of clothing are produced and 75% of them end up in landfills.
We simply cannot continue to consume at the rate we do today. We have to start making other decisions by paying more attention to our planet, because it's the only one we have. Buy less, but better.

Polluting Industries and Green Friday

Many industries are still far from achieving a sustainable balance. The fashion industry is the second most polluted industry in the world. It accounts for about 10% of all global carbon emissions. Approximately 20% of wastewater comes from the fashion industry. In addition to the costly water consumption of the manufacture of clothing and carbon dioxide emissions, is added that its recycling has not yet been developed.
The textile recycling rate is very low. Worldwide, less than 1% of the materials used to make clothes are recycled and used to make new clothes.

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